Law of attraction planners vs passion planner

Planners come in all shapes and sizes and are a useful addition to our daily lives. However, in this article, we intend to compare two specific types of planners: Law of Attraction Planner and the Passion Planner.

The reason, we are comparing the planners is to make it easy for buyers to decide which planner to go for, though on a personal note, both are viable options and good to be a part of anyone’s stationery set. But as human beings our personal choices let us decide what item to keep and which to let go of. This article does exactly that.

The moot question is, as a nuanced individual, why would you believe in what I write. This article has researched the diaries from all angles and has scoured the virtual world to pry open the secrets behind the planners. It has made every attempt to be balanced in its views and not radiate any iota of bias, which usually is the bane of many comparison articles.

A glance, before we delve into the world of the planners and begin to decipher them, tells us that each planner has its specialty. The Passion Planner is larger making it travel-friendly and handy for those who may not have sharp eyesight. On the other hand, Law of Attraction Planner is quite thoroughly labeled and may interest the details oriented. Again, without taking any sides, this quick observation may prove to be handy for those who wish to own any one of the planners. However, if one chooses to own both, then that too works. As they say, the more, the better.

Planners, as I have mentioned, earlier, are an essential part of our lives. It helps the brain from keeping too much information stored and in a structured manner. One can always refer to the planner whenever and wherever one wishes to. In that sense, the planner works in a way one would want it to, that is a planner. However, the role of the planner just doesn’t end there. It is so much more. In many cases, it has been observed that the planner has assumed the role of a confidante and a friend. Every small event and action of an individual is written down within its weary pages. A minutely written planner is a treasure trove.

Saying that, let us now dive into the world of the planners and see how Law of Attraction Planner and Passion Planner stand up to each other.


Size does matter is what the adage goes and when it comes to planners it is an important factor since they have to strike the right balance between a great fit and being handy and readable.

Law of Attraction Planner: It comes in one size, the B5 which is closer to the A4. The size is standard across the planner category, and it fits itself well in a bag.

Passion Planner: The Passion planner comes in two sizes, the A4 and the A5. This is an advantage since it gives the user the option to choose from. It has often been seen that consumers prefer to be spoiled with choices, not too much though. However, this does not provide an overwhelming advantage over Law of Attraction Planner though, since it too has a comparable size, as mentioned previously.


While buying any item, the first thing that consumers look for is the need and the second is the price. More often than not, it may not be of that order. The price plays an important part in any action.

Law of Attraction Planner: Let’s be honest, it is indeed an expensive object to buy. Costing $38.95, Law of Attraction Planner is as costly as they come. Moreover, one has to add shipping to that. Within the USA, it will cost you $9 and in Europe, it is $15. For the thriftier, there are other options available in the market, though I may suggest, they may not be of the same level as that of Law of Attraction Planner. But again, this is based on individual tastes.

Passion Planner: The average price of the Passion Planner is anywhere between $30 to $35, making it only slightly affordable than Law of Attraction Planner. However, there is shipping on it too so let’s not get too excited by looking at the difference.


For a planner, this is a make-or-break feature. The more detailed it is, the greater is its efficacy. Planners are meant to provide all the information that the user will refer to when needed. Details like date and activity are common ground and will always be present. Spaces like personal and spiritual growth are wonderful add-ons, enhancing the credibility of the planner.

Law of Attraction Planner: It is one of the most detailed planners one will ever come across. As I had mentioned, spaces like personal and spiritual growth are excellent additions and this planner provides just that. The user will be able to jot down the journey thus far and the life experiences attained. The planner allows for inner reflection, something which is essential for any planner. In fact, at times calling it, just a planner would be a misnomer. It is more of a journal, if not anything else.

Passion Planner: This planner seems to be a wee bit weak on the details front, not providing as many spaces to the user as the Law of Attraction one. There is a great space for personal reflection, and it is also divided into monthly sections, the spiritual growth is absent. Though it more than makes up with its engaging design and color combinations, one might always feel the absence of additional space.

Date and Time Sequence

Now, one may always argue that what has this got to do with a planner. This information will always be there. I know, they would be, since that is how a planner works, but it is pertinent to understand the usefulness of the sequence. The sequence of days and timings have to be mentioned in a manner that it can be followed. The below comparison will make it amply clear.

Law of Attraction Planner: In this planner, the week starts from Sunday, which is usually, not the case. Most of us count Monday as the beginning of the week and hence the term Monday Blues. The confusion that is created keeping Sunday as the opening day of the week is that all calculations will have a high probability of going awry, since the world in general, considers it to be the end of the week. But the drawback doesn’t just end here. The day starts at 5 am. While it may be wonderful for the fitness conscious who prefer to go for walks, runs, and jogs every single day, for the larger populace, it is too early. Sequencing the time like that would make the user feel that a large part of the day has gone unfulfilled and that may not be the best way to motivate someone.

Passion Planner: It follows the standard week sequence, beginning the week with a Monday and ending it with a Sunday. However, it gives the user the option. There are two different sets of Passion Planners with separate week sequences. Whoever wishes to make Sunday as the opening day can very well opt for one while the ones looking towards Monday as the beginning of the week, may opt for the other set. The planner is based on the 24-hour schedule, much like the usual ones.


This is important since it will be part of the packing with other items too. Weight always plays an important part when it comes to those items that will see more travel and usage.

Law of Attraction Planner: This is a bulkier planner since it comes on B5, as mentioned earlier. However, that would mean, it also provides greater space for thoughts and activities to be written down.

Passion Planner: This comes in A5 sizes, a feature already mentioned previously. It is light and travels friendly but because of the size constraint, it limits details and content. Hence, for the more thorough this may prove to be a disadvantage.

Which is the Best?

This question depends on the kind of person using it. If you are the one who wishes to use a planner for simply remembering the activity without going mush into details, then the passion planner is the one while for those who want to reflect their experiences by jotting it down then Law of Attraction Planner is the one. Both the planners have their pros and cons, and it is finally up to the usage which will decide which of the one is bought.

The Law of Attraction vs Passion Planner debate is an eternal one, with each community proclaiming themselves to be the best. If one is excited about planners and stationaries, then I would recommend go for both and experience it themselves. I am sure, there will be no regrets.

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