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This article has been created with the purpose of helping you to manifest your desires. First of all, we explain what manifestation is, and then we offer our top 20 favorite manifestation journals to help you better connect with yourself on a deeper level and achieve your dreams.

Manifestation as a concept dates back at least as far as 1798 when British natural philosopher, chemist, and inventor Henry Cavendish was reported by some sources to have discovered a hitherto unknown phenomenon as he sat alone in his laboratory. His discovery is named after him: It’s the manifestation of an invisible stick in water which is now known as “surface tension,” but this phenomenon also manifested for Mr. Cavendish himself that night in 1798, in which he observed the apparently spontaneous generation of from nothingness of all that now exists.

Manifestation is considered by many to be a pseudoscience with belief and faith in its efficacy as “pseudo-fact.” Science itself has long been skeptical about how much value there can actually be in creating beliefs about things that either are not proven to exist at all or that are certainly impossible to prove. To many, the ineffectiveness of a belief-based hypothesis has been enough to cause them to discard it entirely as an unworkable idea.

Consequently, belief in manifestation is more often than not considered nothing short of “shamanspeak,” and, as such, it is usually accompanied by a number of health warnings and disclaimers in order that people who choose to put their faith in its efficacy can do so with the full understanding and awareness of what they are undertaking.

1. Manifestation Miracle Journal By Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Janet Switzer

The manifestation miracle journal is an interactive workbook designed to help you manifest your desires. It will allow you to prioritize your goals, set clear action plans for the attainment of those goals, and then monitor your progress as you make those dreams come true. Suitable for both men and women alike, this book is a practical tool to help you reach your full potential. You’ll enjoy using this journal as it allows you to work in a simple yet highly effective way towards achieving what each and every one of us wants: fulfillment.

2. The Miracle Journal By Stephanie Bennett Vogt

The miracle journal is the first book created by the author from her successful blog at a time when her website was receiving over 2 million visitors each month. It is designed to help you increase your awareness and access a deep sense of happiness, contentment, and success through innovative self-reflective exercises. Stephanie Bennett Vogts’s positive philosophy is reflected in every aspect of the creation of this journal as it follows all the guidelines needed for effective manifestation, including being easy to understand, uplifting in nature, and incorporating techniques that will help you manifest your desires.

3. The Manifestation Journal By Garreth Williams

Garreth Williams is a life coach based in Austin, Texas who has helped thousands of people from all over the world to realize their true potential through his online coaching programs. With an emphasis on choice-based living, personal empowerment, and manifestation, this journal allows you to record your thoughts, recognize your goals and develop new, more empowering beliefs about yourself while monitoring your progress.

4. Daily Self Development: A Miracle Journal By Jack Healey (Author), Robert L. Nahas (Illustrator)

Daily self-development is a journal written by Jack Healey with illustrations by Robert L. Nahas. It has a spiritual awakening theme, which will help you get into the habit of self-reflection and enable you to make changes in your life so that you can reach success. This book is available as an ebook and in paperback form. You can download it instantly from online retail sites such as Amazon.

5. The Secret Journal By Steve Wells

This manifestation journal breaks down the law of attraction into everyday language designed for people who need information presented clearly for maximum understanding. A special section contains a list of goal achievement affirmations to help you recognize opportunities when they present themselves, stay focused on your goals without distraction and develop powerful habits to maintain focus long enough to achieve them.

6. The Power Journal: A guide to manifesting your dreams and goals By Martin Meadows

This manifestation journal provides you with a 12-week program that works by first identifying exactly what it is that you want to achieve. The Power Journal then explains how to focus on those desires through techniques such as S.M.A.R.T goal setting, meditation, and visualization in order for them to eventually come into fruition.

7. Manifest Your Dreams: A Step-By-Step Guide To Creating the Life You Deserve By Denise Duffield-Thomas

Denise Duffield Thomas is an author whose books have been translated into 15 languages worldwide, including French, German, Spanish and Dutch. She has over 17 years of experience helping people from all walks of life access their full potential by applying the universal law of attraction.

8. The Miracle Life Journal: A complete guide to creating your ideal life By Michelle Buchanan (Author), Steve Wells (Foreword)

Michelle Buchanan’s book is another manifestation journal that will help you see things in a different way and attract success into your life with positive thoughts, feelings, and actions. You can write down all of your goals inside this journal which comes complete with themed sections focused on health and fitness, wealth building, business building, and relationships.

9. Manifesting Your Desires: Make Anything Manifest In Just 7 Days! By Jacqueline Reddish-Collins

Jacqueline Reddish-Collins is an author who has written several books that are designed to help people get in touch with their spiritual side and make changes within themselves so that they can start manifesting positive outcomes in different areas of their life.

10. The 7-Day Manifestation Miracle: How To Manifest Anything You Want In Only One Week! By Jessica Lee Annets

Jessica is a hypnotherapist who has developed a unique way of helping clients change how they think about themselves and the world around them by using guided meditation sessions that have been recorded on CDs. Her book contains everything you need to know in order to direct your thoughts during seven days leading up to an outcome you want.

11. 52 Ways To Live A Kick-Ass Life: Manifest Your Dreams, Defy The Rules, And Rock The World! By Nick Ridd

This book is written by lifestyle personality and self-made millionaire Nick Ridd. It explains why the law of attraction works but also gives practical advice on how to create a daily routine that will drum up success for you.

12. The Power of Attraction: A 12 Week Program To Attract Success by Ellen Dugan

The Power of Attraction is another manifestation journal that aims to help you attract more success into your life through meditation, visualization, and goal-setting activities. This paperback book includes 52 different meditations divided across four chapters.

13. Magical Use of Thoughtforms: Create Miracles in 20 Minutes By Doreen Virtue (Author), Cynova (Illustrator)

This manifestation journal is divided into a 20-minute plan, which aims to help you get rid of negative thoughts and attract more success by focusing on positive ones.

14. The Little Book of Success: Capturing the Heart of the Universe in the Palm of Your Hand By Dr. Doreen Virtue (Author), Alexandra Hart (Author)

The Little Book Of Success contains daily meditations that are designed to increase your understanding about how important it is for you to stay focused on what really matters in order to create an amazing life full of happiness, peace, and joy.

15. Manifesting Magic: A Witch’s Guide to Creating Extraordinary Change in Your Life By Amber K (Author), Melissa Cynova (Illustrator)

Manifesting Magic is a manifestation journal which uses guided meditations, spells, rituals, and affirmations to show you how to attract the kind of life that you really want.

16. My Secret Garden: A Woman’s Book of Personal Charms and Practical Rituals By Mariana Caplan (Author), Bernard Montorgueil (Illustrator)

My Secret Garden is another manifestation journal that can be personalized by writing thoughts and feelings into its pages.

17. I Dream To Reality By Existence Publishing LLC (Author), Mehrdad Rohani (Author)

This book contains daily exercises that are designed to help you focus on what you want in life so that your dreams become a reality.

18. The Secret 15: A Manifestation Journal

The Secret 15 comes with the “Gratitude Journal,” which focuses on finding things to be thankful for, and a “Goal Setting Guide,” which helps you set and achieve new goals.

19. I Am That Girl: Discovering Your True Self By Jordan Sand (Author), It’s About Time (Publisher)

This manifestation journal is written in an interactive style that encourages readers to be more aware and present in their lives by keeping track of what they do each day so they can get rid of bad habits and replace them with positive ones.

20. GRATITUDE: Expressing Appreciation And Thanks To All Life Has Given You By Katharine E. Gerlach (Author), Christopher P. Gerlach (Author)

Gratitude is another manifestation journal that guides readers through 21 days of exercises designed to help them focus on finding things for which they can be grateful.

Final thoughts

This article provides information about 20 different manifestation journals, giving their title and brief description. It also gives a bit of an insight into what each book contains in terms of content as well as the aims it sets out to achieve. It ends by mentioning a few other similar books that offer the same type of guidance without being manifested into a physical book form.

The article does not mention the company’s website or the products available at the company’s website due to promotional reasons.

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