The 8 Best Crystals for Taurus

How do you improve your harmony with your Taurus zodiac sign? Here is my suggestion; try using the best crystals for Taurus. But first make sure you are born between April the 20th and May the 20th.

I have consulted gurus, reviews, spiritual forums, crystal geeks, and zodiac experts to make this article.
So I only compiled the most useful and best crystals for Taurus zodiacs and presented them simply through this writeup.

Crystals are beautiful and unique natural objects whose atoms are arranged in a definite pattern, resulting in surfaces embedded with grids or lines.

Aside from decors and jewelery, crystals are useful to those who are interested in spirituality and believe in zodiac signs. Specific crystals have a natural affinity with specific zodiac signs. Due to this, they are useful for balancing, manifesting and increasing harmony with your zodiac sign.

The 8 Best Crystals for Taurus We Will Discuss Today…

For today’s discussion with you, this writeup will talk about the following topics:

  1. Variscite – The Taurus Crystal of Peaceful Thoughts
  2. Blue Kyanite – The Taurus Crystal of Open-Mindedness
  3. Rose Quartz – The Taurus Crystal of Soothing Energy
  4. Citrine- The Taurus Crystal of Limitless Beginnings
  5. Rhodonite – The Taurus Crystal of Self Acceptance
  6. Rutilated Quartz – The Taurus Crystal of Inspiration
  7. Lapiz Lazuli – The Taurus Crystal of Social Connection
  8. Emerald – Taurus Crystal of Harmony and Compassion

Variscite – The Taurus Crystal of Peaceful Thoughts

variscite stone collection, stone for taurus

Variscite is one of the best crystals for taurus with yellowish-green or bluish-green color. This crystal is abundant in Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Australia, Brazil, and Spain. Unprocessed variscite is priced at 1 dollar to 5 dollars per gram.

Taurus zodiacs have a high sense of responsibility and are very practical. Nonetheless, these same traits make Taureans worry a lot. According to experts, Variscite can help because they eases the mind from fear and worries, during stressful times. In simple terms, it promotes peaceful thoughts for Taureans.

We really like this variscite crystal that a wire encapsulates. You may attach it to a necklace so that you have a variscite stone keeping stress away no matter where you are.

Blue Kyanite – The Taurus Crystal of Open-Mindedness

blue kyanite crystal for taurus

Ever seen an elongated gemstone before with a bladed surface and a light blue color with patches of white? If so, you have already seen Blue Kyanite – a gemstone that’s used for making refractory products and porcelain. You will find important commercial deposits of this gemstone in South Africa, Namibia, Burma, and Mexico (The Crystal Council)

People born under the Taurus zodiac are born leaders – independent and headstrong. These traits are great since they make a Taurus, like you, very dependable and accomplished. Nonetheless, they also make it hard to foster cooperation with others.

The Blue Kyanite opens the mind of Taureans to the opinion of others. With this crystal, you’ll find it easier to accept criticisms and suggestions. You will also learn to value the importance of collective action better.

Rose Quartz – The Taurus Crystal of Soothing Energy

According to Geology, rose quartz is a gemstone that’s abundant in Brazil, South Africa, India, and Madagascar. It has an attractive pale pink color. People also refer to this quartz as hyaline quartz.

Taureans are often perceived as stubborn by people around them. This is true as those with Taurus as their zodiac don’t fail to push through with the objectives and actions they decided on.

Such stubbornness inflicts negative energies on Taureans. And due to this, Taureans can easily get into toxic relationships, find themselves in difficult positions in the workplace, and have a blind sense of loyalty.

The rose quartz diminishes negative energy by providing soothing energy. As a Taurean, and this crystal with you, you will find it easier to make difficult decisions, find contentment in life, and face the harsh realities of life.

A rose quartz necklace is what we recommend you to get. According to HealthLine, If worn close to the heart, it doesn’t only improve the flow of energy within you but makes clear clearer, accelerates healing, and boosts neuron activity as well.

Citrine – The Taurus Crystal of Limitless Beginnings

Can’t be missing in our list of best crystals for taurus. Being a Taurus means having the drive to always push forward, to discover something new and wonderful. Nonetheless, this drive can mellow down sometimes and Taureans like you might get stuck in life.

Citrine will help Taurus born to recover the drive to bring new things. This gemstone’s color ranges from pale yellow to fiery yellow. According to the International Gem Society, jewelers prize citrine since it fits any type of jewelry.

With a citrine crystal in your possession, you -as a Taurus – can avoid being too comfortable with your current standing in life. Also, you will feel the need to constantly change and improve your ways. In simple terms, citrine help you move forward.

Citrine as one of the best crystals for Taurus will help you reap the fruits of life. And so, a good addition to your house is a citrine tree decor that symbolizes wisdom, power, and prosperity.

RHODONITE – The Taurus Crystal of Self Acceptance

Rhodonite also made it in the list of best crystals for taurus it is is a smooth opaque crystal having a color of pale pink or deep pink. White streaks running along its surface are another characteristic that makes this crystal unique.

Russia makes use of rhodonite as an ornament, and it is mined from the Ural Mountains. Other areas where this crystal is abundant are Sweden, New South Wales, California, and New Jersey.

Since Taureans are highly driven, they tend to forget to look after themselves. This might cause others to easily neglect them, take advantage of, and exploit.

Rhodonite as one of the best crystals for taurus helps realize your value. Through this crystal, those having the Taurus zodiac sign feel the need to love themselves more. Get this best crystal for Taurus if you’re starting to feel that you prioritize the needs of others than your own needs.

Rutilated Quartz – The best Taurus Crystal of Inspiration

Rutilated quartz is unique in that it has this transparent surface with needle-like streaks underneath. According to AGU, those patterns resembling needles are called rutile – a rare quartz formation that makes quartz all the more attractive.

Taurus zodiacs love to take action and be the first to do it. However, the lack of inspiration can get in the way of this. Without inspiration, it’s hard to find a goal. And without a goal, it might be difficult to execute or come up with a plan.

Rutilated quartz ensures that Taurus zodiacs get all the inspiration that they need. It’s a crystal that brings spiritual wisdom. In turn, this spiritual wisdom is what allows inspiration to emerge.

Lapis Lazuli – The best Taurus Stone of Social Connection

A trait that many don’t like about Taurus born people is that they’re very reserved. Taureans like to be in charge. However, they’re not the type of leaders who reach out to others. Most of the time, they keep themselves to themselves and only talk to other people when needed. Because of this, many think that Taureans are difficult to get along with.

The Lapiz Lazuli is a therefore considered as one of the best crystals for taurus that enriches the social life of Taureans. It might do this by introducing Taureans to individuals with who they might be compatible or by introducing Taureans to individuals with who they can easily open up. Well deserved place in our list of the best crystals for Taurus.

Since Lapiz Lazuli has a solid point to be considered as one of the best crystals for Taurus it helps with social connections, Taureans may opt to use this crystal as an office decoration in the form of figurines, vases, and pen holders. Lapis Lazuli is great as a fashion accessory too.

Emerald – The Taurus Crystal of Harmony and Compassion

When Taurus zodiacs clash with others, the resulting quarrel isn’t simple to mend. Stubbornness gets in the way of reconciliation. That’s why Taureans need to find ways to avoid disagreements with others.

Taureans can do so by filling their lives with harmony and compassion. One crystal that helps achieve this is emerald. Emerald’s green color symbolizes renewal and harmony. With this best crystals for Taurus, you find more peace within yourself and in others as well.

Additionally, Emerald is considered as one of the best crystals for Taurus that promotes compassion. With this stone, Taureans will find it easier to settle differences with others and understand life from the opposite perspective.

Since emerald is not only one of the best crystals for taurus it’s a very beautiful stone, it is useful as a personal ornament and as decor for houses and offices. It is also useful for adding details to furniture in the house. You may search on the web to find thousands of products using emerald as a material.

Final Thoughts on The Best Crystals for Taurus

Crystals help people to have better attunement with their zodiac signs. If you’re a Taurus, buy the best crystals for Taurus from the list above for yourself or your family.

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