Best crystals for leo

Leos are acknowledged for being generous, protective, sociable, and with leadership skills. As much as the individuals under this star sign do not mind being in the center of everything. Having to bear huge responsibilities can be taxing for the Leos. Keeping this in consideration we have listed the best crystals for Leo to keep them at momentum.

Crystal Matching for Leos:

As a natural leader and people person, Leos need to regulate their energy. It should be balanced between themselves and their social circle. Taking this into account, the crystals that were matched to the zodiac sign Leo was based on the following criteria:

1. Cultural Significance and Historical Symbolism

2. Physical Characteristics

3. Spiritual and Physical Healing Benefits

Crystals are very handy elements to keep around. One can choose it to be in the form of jewelry, décor, or just be a small polished piece to carry around. Whatever appearance one may choose to keep it, the energy it can bring in is the same. However, it is important to match the Leo crystal to the situation a person is or will be going through.

Leo Crystals that made the Cut:

Here is a list of suggested items that are the best crystals for Leo. You can use this as a reference to choose the most appropriate based on the situation:

1. Peridot: Strength and Balance support for the busy body

2. Larimar: Emotional and Physical healing for the enthusiastic leader

3. Carnelian: Attract Good Fortune and Disposition for the generous giver

1. Peridot: Strength and Balance support for the busy body

Leos are highly sociable and like receiving attention. They can also be very competitive that they will go all out at whatever they set their eyes on. However, they can be a bit traditional due to the nature of their star sign. Leo is classified as a fixed sign as it is aligned to the middle of the season. To overcome this possible weakness and aid Leo’s natural eagerness to stay active, keeping Peridot on hand will be helpful.

Cultural Significance and Historical Symbolism: Peridot is a special stone and as proof, this crystal is Egypt’s National Gem. About history, this material was extracted from St. John’s Island or also known as Zabargad. During the prosperity of the ancient civilization of Egypt, Peridot is often used as a talisman. As for other cultures, this crystal is also noted in the history of Hebrews. And during the Crusades in the middle ages, this material was brought to Europe. Peridot then was used to adorn church robes and decorative plates.

Physical Characteristics: Peridot is made up of silicate material that is magnesium-rich. This crystal can have a shade of yellow and different shades of green. The Mohs scale of hardness has a grade of 6.5 to 7. It has an appearance like glass and can be translucent to transparent.

Spiritual and Physical Healing Benefits: Peridot when the daylight weakens begins to glow and become more noticeable. This property is often associated with how this crystal can deflect negativity. The illumination of this stone in the absence of light is said to be detoxifying. Romans of the old world would wear these as rings to fight off depression to keep themselves in good balance. It is also believed to support good sleep and ward off nightmares.

In terms of strength, this stone activates the heart, which in a sense the busy Leo always pushes to work. Also work fatigue ailments as constipation and ulcers can also be addressed by this item. It also renews body tissue, improves metabolism and skin appearance. After a long day of activities, Peridot is also said to be effective in relieving muscle pain. Having this around, even if the user is very tired they will still look fresh and full of vigor.

2. Larimar: Emotional and Physical healing for the enthusiastic leader

Being a leader is tiresome for both mind and body. An individual just cannot help but worry when assigned to this position. Leos who by nature tend to like indulging in this role is susceptible to the stress that comes with the duty. That is why to maintain the whole-hearted leader’s disposition, Larimar the stone that relieves worries is a good charm to have around.

Cultural Significance and Historical Symbolism: This unique material is quite new and was only discovered in 1916 by a priest. It is believed to be a path to connect with the goddess of sea and sky. This bright blue crystal can only be found in the Dominican Republic. It is said to have been formed by continuous volcanic eruptions. It was found again in 1974 by volunteers from the American Peace Corps.

The name Larimar was about the name “Larissa”, which was the name of a volunteer’s daughter. Then it was combined with the Spanish word “Mar” which translates to sea. Despite being a recent entry as “worry stone” to bring in serenity Larimar is very popular.

Physical Characteristics: Larimar colors can vary from white to deep blue. It can appear as blue in opaque form or be in a lighter semi-transparent look. In terms of hardness, the Mohs scale has a grade of 4.5 to 5. It is made up of sodium-calcium silicate that is formed from basaltic lava.

Spiritual and Physical Healing Benefits: As a leader, it is important to keep your emotions in check. Leo is affiliated with Fire and feelings can be too intense. To soothe this passion, Larimar which has a deep connection to water can neutralize the situation. In this way, unwanted anxiety, guilty feelings, and bad thoughts are thrown out of the way. This crystal is associated with the Throat Chakra, meaning it can help improving communication. A trail that every good leader must-have.

Larimar is used in reflexology. It is used as a tool to open the feet’ acupressure points. This part of the body is often associated with the other parts of the body. Getting it pressed and massaged by Larimar can ease the weariness of these organs. It is said to be helpful in the treatment of heart blockage in the arteries, throat illnesses, and headaches.

Aside from acupressure application, it can also be beneficial when worn. Wearing Larimar can relieve high blood pressure, inflammations, infections, and fever. Skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, rashes, and hives can also be treated.

3. Carnelian: Attract Good Fortune and Disposition for the generous giver

Leos are also known for their generosity. The scope of this kind can be in the form of time and material possessions. As much as acts of open-handedness are welcomed, giving it in excess can exhaust a person. That is why having the courage and boldness to say “No” or admit one has had enough is essential. On the opposite side, generosity can also be a form of ego display. Leos are advised to have Carnelian in possession to keep their motives in check.

Cultural Significance and Historical Symbolism: Carnelian during the 18th century has a significant presence in the English and French aristocracy. When it is placed in jewelry it was said to have the message of good luck. However, its reputation as a good luck charm can be dated back to the Babylonians and Greeks.

In the Arab world, the prophet Mohammed was said to have a seal made of this crystal. As for the Egyptians, this stone is often associated to instill peace and push away the Evil Eye. People held on to its reputation as a source of good fortune. As proof, Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte kept it close to him as a watch charm.

Physical Characteristics: Carnelian is made of silicon dioxide. It is colored brownish-red and can appear dull, silky, or greasy. The Mohs hardness scale has a grade of 6 to 7. It is semi-transparent and when fracture can be quite splintery.

Spiritual and Physical Healing Benefits: The danger of generosity sometimes is a person can be placed on a pedestal by peers. This can make a person feel a sense of entitlement or see others as below them. Having Carnelian in possession can keep Leos level-headed. In doing so they will continue to be humble and dependable. This will lead them to be more loved and admired, which is something the Leos love to feel.

The Carnelian is a Fire sign and it can augment Leo’s positive attributes like confidence. Keeping this item on hand can make them even better speakers. Their vibrant nature will be highlighted more. Listeners will be more engaged in what they are trying to say. Therefore it can lead to a good rapport which can result in productive and creative decisions.

Since the Carnelian can improve the balance of energy, it is handy when physical exercises are involved. This crystal can enhance muscle dynamics and direct oxygen to flow efficiently. In the cases of stiff extremities, this stone can also aid in loosening these parts.

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Leos are wonderful individuals who bring life to any circumstance they are in. That is why to help them retain their disposition, gifting them the best crystals for Leo is ideal.




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