Best crystals for capricorn

As a driven Capricorn, keeping oneself grounded despite the stress is difficult. To achieve a sense of balance, one must be attached to their element. Crystal healing is becoming a popular method to achieve this. It serves to support that is why we have listed the best crystals for Capricorn. These precious stones are inclined with the star of Capricorn and the element of the Earth. It will surely bring harmony to the bearer and the environment that surrounds them.

Capricorn Crystal Matching Criteria

Capricorns are described as hardworking, ambitious, goal-oriented, practical, and organized. In terms of relationships, these individuals are very reserved. Winning their affection will not be easy. However once it is earned, they are very loyal and affectionate in private.

Considering these characteristics the best crystals for Capricorn were matched. Each crystal recommendation listed have been reviewed based on the following criteria:

1. Cultural Significance and Historical Symbolism

2. Physical Characteristics

3. Spiritual and Physical Healing Benefits

The abundance of the crystal, cost effectiveness, practicality of use, and durability based on how it will used was also taken into account.

Crystals in the past and present are not just ornaments and decorations. These unique stones harnessed by the Earth in its crust possess bountiful energy. The vigor from this element can support the weakness that can affect its bearer. It can also refute the negativity before it takes its foothold. Also in some cultures, these precious stones are regarded as talismans which bring good fortune.

Capricorn Crystals that made the Cut:

Here is the run-through of the best crystals for Capricorn. You may refer to this list as a guide to pick what is suitable to your current condition:

1. Smoky Quartz: The Grounding Stone for tired Perfectionist

2. Black Onyx: The Healing Stone for the Emotionally Wounded.

3. Azurite: Increase the channel opening for Creativity and Productivity

1. Smoky Quartz: The Grounding Stone for tired Perfectionist

The Capricorn is ambitious as they are hard-working. In the course of their endeavors, they cannot help but be a perfectionist. However, such a level of efficiency can be very burdensome. Due to strict rules and high expectations, Capricorn can easily exhaust themselves. If fatigue continues to arise, it could lead to a toxic mindset which might make them too hard themselves. To release them from this possible bind, it is recommended to keep a Smoky Quartz nearby.

Cultural Significance and Historical Symbolism: Symbolizing stability and grounding, the Smoky Quartz is dubbed as the “grounding stone.” This beautiful crystal is the National Gem of Scotland. It has been revered as sacred tracing back to the period of the Druids. Smoky Quartz is often mentioned in Celtic folklore and legends. Its presence in significant literature just proves how significant it is.

In other cultures, Sumerians and Romans use this as a key material in making seals. In ancient civilizations, seals serve the same purpose of a signature. This highlights how this stone is treasured and is assigned to represent such huge responsibility.

Physical Characteristics: Smoky quartz is dark brown and has a hardness scale grade of 7. The hue is very much associated with the Capricorn’s affinity to the Earth. This crystal achieves its color due to exposure to light radiation from thorium and uranium.

Spiritual and Physical Healing Benefits: In spiritual healing, Smoky Quartz channels energies from low to high levels. This movement is believed to strengthen Capricorn’s connection with the Earth. Therefore allowing them to have a higher state of consciousness.

Stagnant unwanted energy will be shed off like the skin. The spirit will be reborn and a sense of calm can be embraced. Since the Smoky Quartz is associated with Root Chakra or the First Chakra stability and security is closely connected to it.

In physical health, Smoky Quartz can be a shield against electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic radiation is present in computers and mobile phones that are used daily. Having this around can lessen the threat of unseen toxins.

If you want to wear smoky quartz, having it as a ring is ideal. It should be worn on your right hand to harness healing, body strength and attract success.

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2. Black Onyx: The Healing Stone for the Emotionally Wounded.

Capricorns due to their immense focus can receive rebuke for being too hard. This star sign takes a lot of things seriously. They may take too much responsibility if ill words are spoken to them. That is why Capricorns tend to keep excess emotional baggage. This can lead them to fear and experience a collapse in self-confidence.

Cultural Significance and Historical Symbolism: In Western and Hindu astrology the Black Onyx is listed as a crystal for the Capricorn. It is often made into amulets or jewelry pieces to have protective abilities. It is recommended to be brought during journeys as it can calm fears and stimulate inner strength.

In Feng Sui, it also represents the balance of yin and yang. This solidifies its description as a source of calm. This crystal is strongly believed to counter intense emotions like anxiety and grief.

To harness the fullness of this effect, it is advisable to put one piece of black onyx on the corners of your home. This setup will allow the crystal to take in the negative energy in the environment.

Physical Characteristics: Black Onyx is often described as chalcedony. Meaning it is a form of silica that had intergrowths with moganite and quartz. It is opaque in appearance and has a waxy texture. The Mohs scale of hardness is on the level of 6.5 to 7.

Spiritual and Physical Healing Benefits: Black onyx centers the body’s energy and releases negative energy. Having positive energy in a state of balance can bring calm and self-assurance. Therefore for the Capricorn in doubt, receiving this boost can improve mood. The feeling of accomplishment and security from this crystal will be a great boost for mental wellbeing. It can also help in providing good quality sleep.

Black Onyx is used to strengthen the kidney, heart, eye, hair, and nails. Bones tend to weaken if emotional stress is high. The calming effect of Black Onyx is also considered as a treatment for bone marrow and teeth problems.

Due to its calming effect this stone can also lower the feeling of apathy. In the same time, neurological disorders can also be addressed by this material. For the overly calculative Capricorn, having this on hand will make them kinder to themselves.

If you wish to wear black onyx, bracelets and rings are readily available in the market. In reference to the body’s chakra black onyx bracelets must be worn on the right wrist. This is believed to protect the user’s family from negativity.

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3. Azurite: Increase the channel opening for Creativity and Productivity

Capricorns make decisions with a lot of thought and high caution. That is why guidance and heightened intuition are valuable for them. This factor that they seek can be channeled by the moonstone Azurite. It is known as the “Stone of Heaven” that can encourage concentration to develop better work practices.

Cultural Significance and Historical Symbolism: During the ancient Egyptian civilization Azurite is used in studies that promote mental disciplines. In terms of the arts, this precious stone is often used as ornaments in carvings.

Aside from the Egyptians, the Chinese have a belief Azurites can open spiritual gateways. While the Romans and Greek revere it for its healing and prophetic functions.

Physical Characteristics: Azurite is made from carbonate of copper. It is abundant in places that have high copper reserves. Usually, the upper surfaces of these copper ores have Azurite.

This crystal is soft and has a natural color of deep blue. Due to its softness, it is best to keep accessories made of this material away from heat.

Spiritual and Physical Healing Benefits: Azurite’s presence in a working studio can sponsor concentration, spiritual insight and increase perception. Hard-working Capricorns in the presence of this will experience relief and lowered stress levels. Therefore they can go about their tasks more effectively.

Azurite is associated with the higher heart or thymus chakra. Capricorns can be tough people to crack. Having this crystal on hand can make them more compassionate towards others. The feeling of empathy will be less foreign if this stone is in close proximity. When wearing this as jewelry, earings, necklace pendants or bracelets are ideal to keep its presence close.

Azurite removes energy blockages, therefore allowing the body cells to regenerate. This development promotes oxygen to flow efficiently in the body and the brain. It will result in improved physical dynamics that can push creativity and productivity.

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Final thoughts

Receiving additional support offered by these crystals will be a great sense of relief for Capricorns. Why not gift a friend or a loved one either of the three choices? So that in a way even if you are not physically present, there is a reassurance of your presence.




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