Best crystals for protection

The benefits of crystals have been recognized and used for centuries. They are believed to emit their own unique frequencies which can alter the vibrations around us. These vibrations can then cause changes in our actions, behavior or even our thoughts that affect our well-being. Crystals are said to not only influence physical reality but also the spiritual realm as well.

15 Best crystals for protection

These are our favorite crystals for protecting your energy and yourself.

1. Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is a shiny, jet black igneous rock that’s often found in volcanic lava flows or lava tubes. It has a glassy appearance and smooth texture due to its rapid cooling process (forming it into dark, glassy fragments). Many people use this stone for protection because of its reflective qualities. It’s one of the most popular crystals used in every day jewelry and carvings, so you can easily find it at your local craft store. In folklore, many believe that this is the “mirror” of the soul, reflecting the good and evil aspects back to their sources.

2. Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate is an excellent protective stone as well as one that encourages spiritual growth and understanding. It’s also used as a lucky charm to help provide peace, wisdom, protection from bad dreams, psychic awareness, and good fortune.

3. Calcite

Calcite is excellent for healing and protection because of its ability to produce positive vibrations that revitalize cells in the body and purify emotional issues (both negatively affecting health). This type of agate is not only thought to increase physical energy levels (and mental clarity), but it can also shield against various forms of negative attack or manipulation by others – helping you stay strong through challenging times.

4. Fluorite

Fluorite crystals have an interesting color palette ranging from purple to green with shades of blue or yellow thrown in the mix. Its beautiful pattern makes it an ideal stone to display and admire – particularly for those who are fascinated by color or geometric shapes. However, one of this crystal’s most important features is its high resonance frequency – which can promote mental clarity, enhance psychic abilities, help with meditation (heightened awareness), and provide protection from negative energies in the environment (change harmful radiation into positive energy).

5. Hematite

Hematite is a very protective stone as well as one that can shield against negativity. It has a clear but heavy energy that helps strengthen your connection to the Earth while still offering you a sense of calmness and balance. The name hematite comes from the Greek word “haima,” meaning blood, which is indicative of its red-brown color.

The Egyptians used the metal form of hematite around 2500 BC for cosmetic purposes – particularly to darken a woman’s eyebrows and eyelashes. Ancient people actually thought that using this stone would provide protection from evil eyes and forces – making it an excellent choice to use as a pendant or piece of jewelry (or even have in your pocket!).

6. Jade

Jade is often associated with wealth, good luck, high energy, strength, healing properties (especially love), longevity, positive transformation and spiritual growth. This crystal best known for its protective qualities, especially from the “Evil Eye.” it’s also great at keeping you grounded and providing a nurturing connection to all things living (the earth).

One of the interesting qualities about Jade is that it can help promote balance and moderation in your life, giving you a sense of peace, hope, and stability. If you’re looking for an excellent piece of jade jewelry to wear on a daily basis – try using something simple like a pendant with a soft leather cord.

Some people even use tumbled jade stones as a worry or fidget stone (to calm their nerves when they feel out of control).

7. Malachite

Malachite is another beautiful green stone with equally striking color patterns throughout (similar to blue lace agate). This type of chalcedony mineral has been used by ancient civilizations including the Egyptians who admired its unique color. In fact, the name “malachite” comes from the Greek word for king (king of minerals).

As with many stones, malachite is best known for its protective qualities, particularly when absorbing negative energy and dispelling it back into the universe. It’s also excellent at balancing your emotions and psychic abilities (heightening intuition), facilitating spiritual growth, drawing in abundance, and encouraging hope. One thing to keep in mind about this stone is that while malachite can benefit you if worn as a piece of jewelry – some people may have an adverse reaction if they wear it on their skin every day for a long period of time. This is because malachite absorbs everything around it including chemicals, toxins, and bodily fluids.

8. Onyx

This is the ideal stone to use if you’re looking for increased protection from psychic attack or negative energy as well as a way to ground yourself and feel more secure (especially during challenging times). It’s one of the oldest stones around – referenced in the Bible as well as other ancient texts. The interesting thing about onyx is that it has two colors – black and white which brings incredible balance into your life. If you look closely at an onyx stone, you’ll notice a small color difference in each individual stone.

Onyx can help strengthen your connection with your intuition (inner wisdom), align your chakras , give you added strength, and protect against outside forces through difficult times. It’s also known for being a good luck stone – with some people believing that wearing an onyx bracelet will help attract romance and happiness into your life.

9. Quartz (Clear)

Quartz is undoubtedly the most popular crystal around today – which is why it can be used for many different metaphysical purposes, including protection from harmful outside energies. One of the reasons this type of mineral has been so highly valued throughout history is because quartz actually works to amplify energy, which is great if you’re looking to manifest your desires or maintain a positive state of mind. Quartz is often recommended as one of the best crystals to use during meditation and spiritual work because it aids in creating both mental and emotional stability (especially after practicing any spiritual work).

The most common variety of quartz is clear quartz (also known as rock crystal), which is the most powerful type of healing stone. It’s been used in temples and churches, on altars and shrines, making it perfect for dispelling negative energy. Clear quartz crystals can be found in a variety of different sizes – from small tumbled stones to large geodes. Many people like to use them for protection because they’ll soak up any outside energies that are directed at them before it gets transmitted back into your aura or body.

10. Selenite

Another one of the “cleanest” stones around, selenite provides high-frequency vibrations that help strengthen the soul and enhance integrity and truthfulness (which is why it’s been used by artists and writers throughout history). This type of mineral emits powerful energies that act as a shield against negative energy – and works to clear your chakras while opening them up for higher realms.

Being one of the most common stones in its category, selenite can come in many different colors including blue, green, pink, yellow, or even white/translucent. Since it’s quite transparent, some people like to place selenite directly on their third eye when they’re meditating because it helps protect against any outside energies that could potentially interfere with the process.

11. Tanzanite

A variety of zoisite stone – tanzanite only recently discovered in Tanzania during the 1960s (which is why it only recently became popular). This type of mineral has a high spiritual vibration that aids in helping you communicate with your angels and spirit guides. Tanzanite will provide additional protection from psychic attacks or negative energy, making it perfect for those new to meditating or working on their spiritual journey.

Since this stone was only discovered a few decades ago – the price tag is pretty steep because there’s still very limited amounts around (although many people agree it’s worth the money). There’s also two sub-varieties of tanzanite – one that comes in shades of blue/purple while the other comes in pink/red colors; however, they both have metaphysical properties.

12. Turquoise

One of the most popular stones in metaphysical circles, turquoise is known for being a protective stone that can be used to shield yourself from outside energies and environmental pollutants – including cigarette smoke. This type of mineral also enhances your communication with Mother Earth as well as other people and animals within your environment. Some experts believe that turquoise also attracts good luck (positive energy) into your life, making it perfect for those new to using crystals or spiritual work.

Like tanzanite, turquoise has been around for centuries – so there’s plenty of them out there; however, not all types of this mineral will have the same metaphysical properties. The blue/green variety works best for protection while the sky blue/powder blue stones are often used for meditation and communication.

13. Kyanite

One of the most common varieties of this stone is known as kyanite (that comes in shades of slightly-tinted blue) which emits powerful energy that bring peace to the mind, body, and soul. It’s been known to ease pain associated with childbirth, which makes it perfect for actively pregnant mothers – or those who plan on becoming pregnant soon. However, kyanite is considered a protection stone that can even be placed under your pillow to repel any nightmares before they can take place (which makes it great for sleeping).

Pronounced “keen-waht,” kite has natural flat surfaces already; therefore, it’s no surprise that people love to use it for meditating because its flat surfaces can make it easier to place on different parts of the body. Some people even prefer this stone over a yoga mat because they believe kyanite emits energies that help you connect with nature and Mother Earth within a matter of seconds.

14. Aventurine

Thanks to its ability to balance your emotions (which can be difficult for many), aventurine has been known for centuries as an effective protective stone that helps shield against negative energy. Not only does this type of mineral emit positive vibes, but they’re also said to attract good luck into your life – which makes this stone perfect for those who are just getting started or have trouble staying on track.

Another type of stone that has a slightly-tinted green color, aventurine comes in more than one variety which can make it difficult for some people to use. For instance, you’ll want to use the shade of forest green stones if you’re trying to attract good luck into your life or balance your emotions – while the light green stones are often used as protection against negative energy and environmental pollutants (which makes them perfect for smoggy cities).

15. Moonstone

You’ll find this type of stone in shades ranging from white to gray (and nearly black) which is why they’re known as “the traveler’s stone” since they emit strong protective energies keep you safe when traveling by plane, train, or automobile. In fact, many people believe that this type of stone can even protect you when you’re sleeping at home; therefore, it’s no surprise why some people place a small piece of moonstone under their pillow to repel any nightmares before they happen.

Final thoughts

Like many other stones on this list, moonstones are very common which makes them affordable and easy to find. For instance, the blue/gray variety is perfect for protection while the white (or silver) colors are often used for healing purposes and balancing energies.

However, not all types of this mineral will have the same metaphysical properties – so make sure to research your options before investing in a larger piece or purchasing smaller pieces that will be used for jewelry.

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