Best crystals for meditation

The best crystals for meditation help you get prepared for the spiritual connection to the higher energies. Earth crystals carry different forms of energy in terms of vibrations. You can harness the energy in your mediation process to achieve a higher level of spiritual beings. When people meditate, they would like to connect to the higher spiritual beings.

The stones have different energies; when meditating, choosing stones that can reflect your given needs is essential. For instance, if you would like to meditate about a love relationship, then there are specific stones you can get to attract the positive energy to your life that can make things work. There is a need to stay calm as you meditate. The stones can offer the necessary relaxation required to achieve the best results when meditation.

Choosing a crystal

We have reviewed several stones that help in raising spiritual awareness as you meditate. They are among the best crystals for meditation you can apply. Through meditation, you get to achieve protection and several benefits.

Some meditate to attract inner peace. By selecting crystals that are associated with inner peace, it becomes easy to attract inner peace. Other things that people seek when mediating include seeking harmony and spiritual healing. The stones we have listed below come with different traits. It is good to check out the properties associated with a given stone before applying it in the meditation process.

Tips when applying the best crystals for meditation

There are several steps you can follow to harness the hidden power in the earth crystals. Here are some of the few stopes you can take to realize full potential out of the earth stones:

Have a crystal grid around you

Start the meditation process by creating a crystal grip around you and sit down to meditate. It will attract the positive energies associated with the given stone. You can as well place the stones on chakra points. They are very helpful in removing blockages of energy. When you get to remove the blockages, the energy flows to make your meditation work.

Have a palm stone in hand during mediation

You can as well hold a palm stone in your hand as you meditate. The crystals attract different forms of energy. For example, if you want to attract calmness and relaxation as you meditate, you can go for stones known to have relaxation energy. Those seeking healing power can have the stones associated with the healing energy in their hands as they meditate. It will assure you great success when meditating on different issues.

Wear crystal jewelry

To always remain connected to the stones healing energy, you can wear the healing crystals jewelry. There are several pieces of jewelry out there that are made out of healing stones. You can get them and carry the healing energy to any place. The meditation stones have been applied over centuries, and they have a significant impact on life. You can as well declare your intentions as you hold the crystal in your hand.

Taking cleansing breaths when holding the crystals

Another method you can apply to harness the energy in the mediation crystal is to hold them as you take cleaning breaths. They are very effective in attracting the right energy you need to stay focused during the meditation process. You can as well place the mediation crystal according to Feng Shui practice to harness their inner power. The earth offers everything people need. If you would like to attract certain good things to your meditation, you can always achieve the best results by going for the right meditation crystals.

9 Best crystals for meditation

Here we will list the best crystals for meditation so that it can be easy for you to pick one and start your uplifting spiritual journey. The crystals are readily available online for you to buy and start enjoying the benefits.

1. Labradorite

It is a stone full of high energy to protect you from negative energy as you meditate. You need to maintain positive energy as you meditate. Sometimes the negative thoughts can set in. You need a stone that will keep the balance of positive energy and allow you to concentrate on attracting good things to your life. It is highly effective in awakening your insights so that you can get to enjoy the good life. People prefer labradorite during meditation because it brings the right energy required to stay focused during the mediation process.

2. Lapis Lazuli

It is linked to ancient wisdom. As you meditate, you need to uplift your thinking to get the best results. You will get to improve your hope and strength in doing different tasks. Meditation is a spiritual act, and it needs inner wisdom. You will get the desired qualities to get the best results in the meditation process after applying the stone. Having a third eye powered by the crystal allows people to concentrate on their meditation process. The whole process of meditation requires concentration. You get to go deeper into the meditation state through the application of the stone.

3. Obsidian

It is essential to have a sense of calm and let things that are disturbing you go. You get the highest level of concentration after you go for the stone. It is a natural stone that has been known to bring about the right balance and energy required to let distractions go as you meditate. Hold the stone in your hand as you meditate, and it will protect you against different issues you are facing. When you go into the state of meditation, you need to give it your best. You get to enjoy the best relaxation as you meditate after you decide to go for the stone.

4. Moonstone

You get to know how to embrace feminine energy as you meditate. It allows you to settle down and concentrate in meditation. Some people are unable to realize the best results out of meditation due to stress. The stone contributes to calming people down to let their egos go and let the intuition lead them when meditating. Apply the meditation stone during a full moon, and you will attract a lot of positive energy from the earth. It is a useful tool to guide you as you go about different meditation sessions.

5. Carnelian

It is an empowering stone that fires up your energy. People who lack the confidence and courage to tackle different life issues can rely on the stone to give them the required uplifting. Courage and creativity are essential in everyday life. When people get involved in mediation, they need to focus and attract positive energy. By applying the mediation stone, it becomes easy to attract the desired energy to realize the best results during meditation. It can be placed on the sacral chakra to help in getting in touch with the inner self. You get to develop a passion for life after utilizing the meditation stone.

6. Lepidolite

The peace stone helps you to relax and concentrate your energies in the right position. Sometimes people face challenges trying to stabilize their soils. The stone acts as a soil stabilizer. Those who suffer from anxiety, making them lack concentration as they meditate, can rely on the power hidden in the stone. It is easy to manage stress and other issues in life through the application of the stone. It can be placed on the crown chakra to ease blockages from the third eye and the heart. People who suffer from mental roadblocks can rely on the power in the stone to get the desired healing.

7. Black Tourmaline

The stone proves the necessary protection when tackling negative energy. It also offers the grounding energy you need to deal with a wide range of issues. As you meditate, you need to stay in the right mood. The stone is highly effective in bringing about the right mood when you are in meditation mode. Relax with the meditation stone, and it will prepare you for spiritual uplifting as you try to focus on the spiritual journey.

8. Clear Quartz

You need to have clear dreams. The stone comes with the right energy to allow you to stay clear about your dreams. People enter into meditation when trying to get different things to happen in their lives. You will get to improve your energy and stay focused after you utilize the energy in the stone. Sometimes people face chaos and confusion as they try to resolve different things in their life. The stone brings about focus and concentration when meditating.

9. Rose Quartz

It is among the best crystals for meditation that attracts energies such as heart healing and soothing. When you start your mediation process, the stone plays a crucial role in preparing the right environment for meditation. Selfcare and soothing effects are achieved because of the energy associated with the stone. It is a helpful crystal you need in your next mediation.

Final thoughts

The above are the best crystals for meditation. You can buy them to get the desired energy when meditating. They have the right energies to deal with a wide range of issues during the meditation process.

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