Best crystals for anxiety

We have all suffered from anxiety at some point in our lives. Anxiety, that unpleasant and uncontrollable feeling that sticks in our chest and causes our vision of reality to be distorted, making us pessimistic and causing our mood to always remain anchored in sadness and anguish of not knowing how to solve it.


Anxiety is a very common psychological disorder, both in the young and adult population, especially in the last two years in which the pandemic has caused us to live isolated and in a state of uncertainty and loneliness very prolonged. To put an end to it, the most important thing is to identify this feeling quickly and acknowledge to our loved ones that we have a problem, since hiding it will only make it worse and our negative thoughts will grow to become a serious problem for our health. Therefore, the first thing to do is to talk about it openly and shamelessly.


Once we are clear that we have anxiety, we must seek a treatment to remedy it and allow us to return to lead our lives normally. For this, there are those who prefer to use the services of an experienced psychologist who has experience in this type of disorders or those who simply choose to take anxiety pills to cancel their toxic thoughts. However, there is another much healthier and more economical treatment with which we can begin to put an end to our problem: precious crystals or semiprecious gems with healing properties.

Treat anxiety with crystals

You are probably asking yourself right now: how is it possible that a few simple stones can help me calm all my anxiety? They are just stones. However, although at first glance these crystals only look like pretty stones that would look great as a necklace or bracelet, they are minerals full of medicinal properties that will not only help you cope with your feelings but will also make your worst fears disappear and you start to trust more in yourself and the effect of these minerals on our bodies.

There are a wide variety of minerals with medicinal properties and with a great external beauty, but we are only going to focus on explaining those that are specifically indicated to treat severe anxiety stress problems. And as strange and implausible as it may seem, since ancient times the use of crystals to treat disorders and ailments of human beings has been common, being the energy contained in each of these gems a precious treasure that for thousands of years have tried to preserve and transfer generation after generation until today.

Of course, the advances of modern medicine and empirical scientific thought have had much to do with the fact that society hardly believes in the power of crystals to soothe our pain and psychological problems, but not for this reason they have stopped being used and there is a large group that continues to believe in them and promoting their use around the world. Just as we are doing now through this simple article: explaining what are the best crystals to treat anxiety, their main external characteristics and their healing properties.

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The best crystals for anxiety

Amethyst: the best protective shield of our energy

You know those days when it seems that sadness invades every corner of our body and the day becomes eternal and it seems that it will never end? It is precisely on such days when anxiety gains prominence and begins to win the battle against our mind invading it with toxic thoughts and deeply sad feelings. Luckily, there is a perfect stone to help you fight those days and to make your energy start to become a magnet for good vibes: amethyst.

Amethyst is a beautiful lavender-colored crystal that will not only make you fall in love on the outside, but it will win all your love and respect and become your best talisman against anxiety and negative thoughts. This ancestral purple and white crystal has been used for millennia as a protective shield of good energies, being really effective to dispel negativity and promote a healthy environment full of positive vibrations.

Having this stone (and if it can be of large size, better) around you or always hanging around your neck will create an energetic shield around you, promoting your well-being and removing all the stress that has been affecting and blocking you emotionally for a long time. Do not hesitate, put Amethyst in your life and anxiety will begin to disappear little by little.

Healing properties

  • Relieve stress and muscle pain
  • Improve sleep
  • Relieve negative thoughts and anxiety
  • Emotional and spiritual balance

Pink quartz: the stone that takes care of your heart

One of the main effects that anxiety has on our body is the lack of energy and the abundance of negative thoughts with which we reproach ourselves for not being able to do things better and being too weak to overcome sadness without help. In these moments of weakness what we need is to increase our self-care and compassion towards ourselves, forgive our weaknesses and understand that sadness is an emotional state as natural as breathing. And what is the best crystal to help us do all this? Rose quartz.

This mineral is always related to love and adoration, which does not always have to mean that we should feel those feelings towards others but also towards ourselves. The best cure against anxiety and the insecurity it generates is a good dose of self-love, and quartz is the perfect stone to remind us and make us feel that loving ourselves first is the only way to love someone else in a healthy and complete way.

Therefore, having one or more rose quartz stones hanging around our neck or on our bedroom bedside table will be a good way to start fostering that self-love and to keep all negative thoughts about ourselves at bay.

Healing properties

  • Harmony and tranquility
  • Sedative
  • Attract love and understanding
  • Cures ailments of the body and soul

Blue lace agate: the crystal of communication

We all know how stressful and desperate it can be to have serious communication problems with someone, especially when that person is our partner or someone very close to us with whom we have a very strong emotional bond. Not being able to understand each other and spending time arguing about anything will cause our anxiety levels to increase, while at the same time it drains our energy and increases our toxic thoughts.

Prolonging such a situation over time will only plunge us into the deepest of sadness and will make us move further away from the person we love so much every day. The best way to begin to put solution to all this? Using blue lace agate. Mineral experts explain that among the many properties of this stone, stands out its incredible power to help dissolve serious communication problems and promote reconciliations; even in the most extreme cases where it was believed that there was no remedy.

Filling with this stone (preferably in a copper or ceramic bowl so that its energy flows better) the space where you share more time as a couple and where you usually talk about the most important issues will fill the room with a positive energy that will help you to talk again. It will also be useful to use this stone as a pendant and wear it all day long around your neck, it will help you find the right words and dissolve the anger and rage that makes you speak in a hasty and hurtful way.

Healing properties

  • Promotes communication
  • Relieves stress
  • Absorbs the most negative and dense energies from the environment

Black tourmaline: the stone of balance

Whether you are a person who meditates or not, starting to include black tourmaline in your life will help you find peace and dispel the negative thoughts that keep tormenting you. Experts explain that black tourmaline has relaxing properties for our body and balance, helping us to be more reflective and to take more calmly all the issues that cloud our mind daily.

It is recommended to sit to meditate with this stone in the palm of the hand, doing this we will begin to release tensions and to order our emotions so that they drown us and end up blocking all our energy. Another way to use it is to take it with you to work or places where you feel you need mental clarity to speak correctly and without fear; hang it around your neck or wear it as a bracelet are the best options to achieve this effect.

Healing properties

  • Harmony and tranquility
  • Absorbs negative energy
  • Provides emotional balance

White quartz: peace in all its forms

Whatever the reason for your anxiety, starting to introduce white quartz into your life will help you find the peace of mind you crave. White Quartz is famous for its calming properties, no matter what form you acquire this mineral in, its effects will always be equally powerful. It is the most powerful stone when it comes to attracting peace and keeping negativity away, so don’t hesitate to turn to it to start feeling more relieved and say goodbye to anxiety.

Healing properties

  • Harmony and tranquility
  • Blocks negative energies
  • Provides emotional security
  • Mental and emotional peace

Final thoughts

These crystals are great for treating your anxiety and balancing your energy.

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution to your anxiety, try purchasing one of these crystals.

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