How To Harness Sexual Energy For Manifestation

Manifest using sexual energy by making use of a timing strategy, using guided meditation and more.

Using the power of manifestation is an excellent way of shaping the future that you want. Typically, manifestation is mostly about visualization, mental energy, and conjuring emotions. However, sexual energy is one of the most powerful emotions a body can experience.

So, is it possible to use sexual energy and the manifestation process together?

The answer is a big yes, and below are the tips on how you might do it.

Make Use Of A Timing Strategy

Whenever you do your sexual manifestation, you’ll likely move things forward. However, there are also several tactical time frames that you might find helpful.

A full moon is an excellent time to remove what’s holding you back, while a new moon brings abundance. Using both of these to your advantage would be wise.

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Utilize Some Form Of Guided Meditation

When understanding how to channel sexual energy for manifestation, having sex or masturbating with guided meditation is an extremely helpful practice. They are, in all essentials, like regular meditations, but they include words designed to assist you in finding sexual satisfaction while meditating. They’re also quite helpful when you’re just getting started and learning how to harness sexual energy to manifest.

It can be overwhelming to construct this experience for the first time on your own. Thankfully, many folks want to help you with the process. YouTube has many guided meditations to help you get started.

Find A Same-minded Partner

Although learning how to harness sexual energy for manifestation on your own is feasible, having a partner is quite beneficial. When you collaborate effectively with another person, your sexual energy may increase. However, finding a partner interested in sexual manifestation may be crucial.

If you and your partner are working toward the same objectives, you have a better chance of achieving success. Before participating in sexual activity, discuss your and your partner’s desires for manifestation.

Pay attention to what they have to say, probe them with inquiries, and encourage them to picture themselves as successful. If you’re fortunate, they’ll do the same thing in reverse to you, and when you work together, the power of your manifestations will increase significantly.

Put Your Aspirations Into Writing

There is power in your words! Putting those ideas down on paper or expressing them in writing is a powerful method. When you curate your manifestation affirmations, you’ll construct powerful words, which can also help carry you through difficult circumstances.

Hence, use “I” and “You” in your written affirmations, like “You are deserving of financial success and abundance” or “I am deserving of wealth and money.”

Your affirmations may be written in a call-and-response format, making it simpler for you to bring together the conflicting aspects of your internal programming. It will speak to your inner parts which haven’t had this belief and the parts that desire it in the future.

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Sensing The Future

Learning to feel the future you’re making before you’re there is crucial to using sexual energy to manifest. This is fundamental to manifesting at any time, not just during a sexual energy session.

It all starts with picturing what it would be like to get what you want. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths to begin. When ready, you should form a mental vision of what it will be like if your manifestation is successful and hold onto that image. Approach it from a first-person perspective while looking around.

What do you see before you? If you extend your left hand, what would you touch? In your visualization, what’s across the room? The most crucial step is to acquire as much specific information as possible and to spend some time in this space.

Once you have a clear mental picture of you the future you want, the next step is to infuse it with emotions and feelings. What is the sensation like of being here? Then, root that sensation in your physical being.

Is there warmth in your heart? Do you feel like there are bubbles within your head? Whatever the sensation may be, begin to become aware of it and understand that you can recreate it regardless of where you are.

If you have some spare time throughout the day, you should concentrate your attention on this area and make an effort to re-create the experience you had in your body earlier.

Harness The Power Of Orgasm

Finally, you’re going to use the time spent preparing for your manifestation ritual and then let the orgasm do the heavy work.

The key to successfully using sexual energy to materialize is learning to capture the energetic excitement during an orgasmic state. Orgasm is more than just a pleasurable experience. As soon as you enter pleasure-Ville, your body is blasted with a barrage of neurochemicals.

It accelerates the circulation of blood throughout your body, widens your pupils, and accelerates the release of oxytocin and dopamine into your system. Good orgasms have actually been demonstrated to improve the health of a person’s brain.

Once you’ve reached the climax, give your body some time to reflect on how it’s reacting to the heightened condition it’s in, and then slowly put into practice the affirmations you’ve been working on. Allow the power of the words that you have so carefully created to reverberate throughout your entire body. These words will come true with the help of your sexual energy.

Then, allow that sensation of orgasmic ecstasy to dissolve into the sensation that you worked so hard to cultivate via your visualization.

Do you remember the same sensation of excitement or warmth that you had when you envisaged accomplishing your goals when you visualize them? Re-create those feelings in your body after the big O.

By anchoring this sensation of success in your body and channeling one’s sexual energy upon release, you will be tapping into the ideal sexual manifestation process.

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Wrapping It All Up

The power of manifestation is one of the secrets of the most successful people in the world. If you learn how to yield its power, you can achieve far greater things in your life. While most manifestation teachings mostly focus on emotional sensing and visualization, it may be possible to put this process into overdrive using one of the most powerful feelings in the body – the orgasm.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have gained good foundational knowledge on taking advantage of manifestation and sexual energy.

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