Things to be Grateful for: Gratitude in Manifesting

You should be grateful for many things including health, friends, family, and more.

What is Gratitude?

According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, “gratitude is a feeling of appreciation or thanks, a state of being grateful and thankfulness.” We all have experienced that overwhelming sense of thankfulness at one point or another in our lives. But somehow, due to the wiles of the world, these pleasant feelings of being thankful are drowned out from our day-to-day efforts as we pursue fulfillment and happiness.

On the other hand, in reference to manifestation, gratitude is a conscious effort made by the manifestor to make feelings of gratitude happen. It exists in a way, as a daily habit. An “attitude of gratitude.” It is believed that more good things come your way when you consistently appreciate the good things that you have.

In his article, we will look into the meaning of gratitude as a word and how it is related to the act of manifesting. We will also enumerate the things that we can be grateful for and the benefits of adopting gratitude as a way of life.

Gratitude vs. Gratitude In Manifesting

Gratitude is one of the most powerful components in the act of manifestation. One might ask: “So, what’s the difference between the usual feeling of gratitude and gratitude in manifesting. To put it simply (although it’s not that simplistic), gratitude, in the ordinary sense, is a feeling that you get right after something happens that causes you to be thankful.

For example, when you receive a gift from a friend, naturally, you’d be thankful and verbalize your pleasure by saying “thank you” to the giver as you experience feelings of appreciation. Gratitude in manifesting is the gentle but firm practice of being grateful in thought (where it all begins) and following through to the end, regardless of circumstance.

Although it’s not an easy task and may even seem impossible for some, it’s always nice to review your week, as you realize that you have been grateful five days out of 7. For practitioners of manifestation, that is already an achievement, and sooner and later, you will reap the benefits.

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Successful People Who Practice Gratitude as a Way of Life

Tony Robbins, a multi-millionaire author, speaker, coach, and dedicated philanthropist, also happens to be a child abuse survivor. He has these to say about gratitude and abundance:

“Having an abundance mindset is a belief that there are enough resources in the world available for everyone and being grateful for whatever the universe gives you.”

“Live every day with an attitude of gratitude.”

In other words, letting go of the scarcity mindset, thinking that there can be only so much for everyone, and replacing it with an attitude of gratitude, you will begin to experience its benefits: “When you are grateful, fear disappears, and abundance appears.”

Mr. Robbins is an example of manifesting success. He is a psychologist that uses a blend of scientific approaches combined with and recognizes the spiritual aspect as well. He calls an all-encompassing entity the universe/God. He practices what he teaches, as he himself was able to build his wealth from scratch.

Coming from a rough background as a child with divorced parents and being poor, Tony worked his way up and now owns several companies and still practices and helps people find themselves through personal breakthroughs. He doesn’t profess to know it all, but he is known to be a very effective psychologist and coach for people who are in need of a personal change.

Simple. The guy walks the talk and advocates gratitude in his teachings and personal experiences.

What Are the Things to Be Grateful For?

Let’s look into some of the basic but very important aspects of our lives. Some of them were given to us for free, and others we have worked for.

Putting in the same consistent effort of being grateful for both gets us to a place where we will be able to manifest with certainty and calm that our desires and needs will be realized and fulfilled.

1. Good Health

Being grateful and having thoughts of good health begets an actual healthy body. Be thankful that you can still think properly and walk anywhere you want. Be thankful for your heart and lungs that let you breathe air freely. Having positive thoughts about your health will trigger you to take care of your body since you only have one.

You will naturally begin to watch what you eat and find ways to get enough rest. This is a direct result of your positive thoughts about your health.

When you harbor negative thoughts and worry, you will likely get sick. Remember, your subconscious mind is powerful, and it doesn’t care what you put into it. It will manifest what you focus on, regardless. So, think about perfect health, and say it to affirm it.

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2. Friends and Family

Being grateful for your relationships with close kin keeps you in good graces with all other relationships in your life. If you come from a well-adjusted family, chances are you will also be okay when it comes to romantic relationships. But what if your family was dysfunctional? This is where the truth about gratitude and being grateful despite unfavorable conditions come to light. Being grateful for your parents will always bring you to a better place.

Mr. Robbins had the kind of mother who loved her children but inadvertently abused them simultaneously. She was an alcoholic, and Tony was the main target of that rage since he was the eldest. He was forced to find ways to protect his brothers and sisters while keeping the family intact. Tony had the choice to leave home and run away, but he chose to stay and take care of his mother and siblings despite the problem.

Early on in his life, he adopted the mentality of being grateful for family despite the situation. Now 30 years later, after overcoming his own personal struggles, he lives with a wife who shares his passion for helping others, and they have a new daughter of which they have tried for many years to conceive.

His wife respects and adores him, and he loves his daughter. Not the kind of ending you would expect from a man who came from a disadvantaged background.

3. Be thankful for Your Finances

Whether you have $10 or $10,000 in your savings account, be happy that you have money to spend, even if it’s just enough till the end of the month. Be grateful that you have a job, or, if you were just laid off due to the crisis, remain thankful that you still have your health and the capacity to try for other jobs for as long as you have the strength.

Although not having a job would take a little more effort to be grateful, strive to look at the positive side of all your interactions, whether in thought or with real people. That being said, that doesn’t mean you ignore the fact that you are jobless. It only means you will have to be genuinely grateful still for having other things in your life.

A roof over your head, or maybe a good friend who lets you crash on their couch helping you out in the meantime. Do not focus on what you don’t have, or you might end having more of what you don’t have and things that you don’t want. Focus on other opportunities and be genuinely appreciative of whatever comes your way. Doing so will eventually manifest the good things that you hope for.

4. Be Thankful for Your Partner

If you are married or living with someone, be sure to keep them in your heart and show them how you appreciate that they are in your life. These kinds of relationships are not like blood relatives where they are irreplaceable. Show your partner how you love them by making small gestures, and you’d be surprised how they will react. In return, they will reward you with things that will also make you happy. And most of all, stay with you.

5. A Place You Call Home

If you are renting out, or maybe own a house, appreciate the fact that you can still afford privacy and comfort. Every day you can be thankful that you have a bed to lie on, or a roof over your head, or even heating. The universe will respond to your vibration by keeping your house for you or giving you a better one.

Here’s the clinch, if you have no heating, plant in your mind and heart that you appreciate the heating that will soon be installed in your home or when you move on to a better place. Make it a practice every day, and the universe will surely reward you with what you need.

If you are homeless, find a warm and safe spot, meditate, close your eyes, and say thank you. Thank the universe here and now that you will be given a place to live, somewhere warm and safe. The better your focus is, the faster it will manifest. Be patient and relax. Remember, manifesting is not a matter of “if” but only “when.” Know that it is done.

6. Food to Eat

Be grateful that you can choose what to eat for nourishment. And if you are still in a position to decide what to eat for taste, appreciate it as it’s not that easy for some people nowadays. If you can barely get enough to eat, appreciate those who are willing to help and feed you to keep your strength and move on to working on other solutions.

7. Your Intellect

Appreciate the fact that your mind is capable of making good decisions for you and your body. You still have the power to make a choice. And you can choose to focus on having positive thoughts over complaining and feelings of lack. Your mind is the garden where your thoughts are the seeds you plant, and it doesn’t care if it is nightshade or tomatoes.

It will grow and crystallize into reality. So be mindful and don’t allow weeds to overgrow your vegetables. Remember, thought alone won’t work. You must have genuine emotions that will go along with your thoughts of gratitude. Where focus goes, energy flows.

These are just some of the things and people you need to be grateful for to manifest your dreams and hopes into reality.

Final thoughts

If you haven’t exercised gratitude as a habit before, today is the best day to begin. Right now, father time is telling you that you can’t waste any of his minutes anymore. Stop dwelling on the negative but instead focus on the positive. Identify the problem but focus on solutions to problems, and you will manifest exactly what you believe.


Time is one of the most precious resources that you have as an evolving being. There are only 24 hours in a day, and it’s non-renewable. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. You will have to move on to the next day, and it would be best to plant now and harvest better results by having an attitude of gratitude.

Practice restraint when your thoughts wander, instead replace them with images of already having what you want or need. Again, be patient with yourself; some of these manifestations may take time, and others would surprise you with how quickly they can materialize. Start writing down the things you are grateful for today and update them as you go along. The more things you are thankful for, the more will manifest.


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