Guiding yourself to the ultimate spiritual upgrade!

Stages of spiritual awakening include looking for the path, the average situation, and synchronicity.

How could you prevent misery from invading your life? How could your body be programmed with language, words and thoughts? Could you erase unwanted memories? Spiritual ascension is a completely normal part of your existence; an evolutionary process, during which changes occur at all levels of your being.

As you move in a vibrating frequency, your consciousness expands, and you begin to experience the symptoms on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. As you incorporate more light into your being, your system begins a restart phase, you tune in and get upgraded. The old patterns you knew will fade, as your consciousness expands.

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Spiritual Awakening Stages

There is a rhythm in the universe. As soon as you achieve inner peace, you can experience being part of that perfect mechanism. Thoughts are considered to be interacting energies, not by coincidence, but due to the fact that you are both the source of individual and part of the collective reasoning.

The ability to think enables you to connect the path of your life with your preferred thoughts. From the moment you wake up, coincidences are no longer a surprise; they are welcome and you are waiting for them. They transform you according to your will. Synchronicity cultivates your divine relationship with the invisible and amorphous world. Your ability to think and the way you do it reshapes and redirects your whole life.

First Stage: Looking for the path

There comes a time when, for some reason, your heart gets hurt, experiencing a trauma that you feel you will never be able to cope with. Your mind seems to be working against you, making endless painful thoughts about this situation, while the future seems terrible and uncertain. The source of all this disaster might be a romantic crisis, a divorce, a financial collapse, an illness or an accident. Objective judgement seems a utopia.

Imagine you in such a situation: grief would immobilize for a long time, your mind would be focused on the destructive aspects of the situation and you would be unable to act effectively. Probably you would have lost your sleep, as well as your appetite. You would be weak enough to plan getting over the new facts in your life.

Most likely, you would raise miserable thoughts about how unfair and painful what happened to you has been, as well as its terrible future consequences. At the same time, it is common in such cases, any friendly advice to cause you anger or frustration, as it is probably not consistent with what you have experienced. The way out of misery seems far away, and your confinement eternal!

This is a typical reaction of people who walk through life, believing that it is guided by external rules and expecting the support of others. People who do not take responsibility for their actions or choices, because they have simply learned to rely on everyone else for anything. Keep in mind that every traumatic experience is hiding a valuable lesson. One day you will remember this experience as a necessary step for your development and you will be proud of the way you managed it and the horizons you opened. Avoid choosing to immerse yourself in the darkness of vicious thoughts, believing that someone or something outside of you is to blame for this pain.

At this point in your quest for mental awakening you will probably be at the mercy of your wounds. You may believe, in fact, that circumstances and events are what make you unhappy, refusing to realize that the way you approach and interpret these events is responsible for your misery. You will probably be vague enough to realize that there might be a gift to the drama, that is unfolding right now.

Second Stage: The average situation

As you become more mentally awakened, you will use your power to create a mental world in a much more transcendent way. Looking back, you will see that you have finally benefited from what has happened. The divorce you might have thought you would never get over, will now seem to be the best thing that has ever happened to you. The youth crises that have once been life threatening, might seem at this point a necessary stage for your development. The fight against alcoholism, that might have ruined your life and relationships, will now be the most important award you have ever received, as it has taught you how much power you have been hiding deep inside.

Complete inner collapse is the necessary catalyst to turn to a more spiritual, and therefore satisfying lifestyle. Serious illness is recognized as a message to reconsider the priorities you have set. In retrospect, you will see that everything is hiding a path, that can lead you to more creative paths of balance, with yourself and those around you.

spiritual awakening stages

The middle stage of awakening

The second stage is considered to be the middle stage of awakening. While approaching this stage you will realize the benefit that has come from what has tormented you a while ago. You will stop focusing on thoughts of what you lack and making destructive thoughts about the future. Instead, you will be focusing on the value of the moment. Now it’s the moment to convert what is happening to you into an opportunity, without having to go through a period of suffering.

This is an important step in the “wake-up call” process, That will help you see how synchronized and connected everything around you is. Of course, you will continue to experience pain and misery, but at the same time you will know that there is something wonderful about it all. You will behave politely and accept yourself, but at the same time you will still have the melancholy to honor and love those involved in creating the problem. You might not consciously understand it, since the pain is experienced at the same time, but you have an unconscious judgment and belief that this fact has its own value.

The second stage, indeed, implies that you must interpret in the present moment all that you are experiencing, instead of letting long periods of suffering pass. When you realize that something better is hidden in the present moment, you will move straight to the third and final phase, where you will understand Synchronicity, while taking on a much more active role in the co-creation of your world.

Third stage: The revelation of Synchronicity

If the first stage of awakening is the observation – with the eyes of the future- of understanding that every obstacle is done for good, and in the second stage you perceive and experience the blessing that came from these difficulties then you might be wondering: “What else is there”? The answer is difficult for those who can see nothing, beyond their external form.

The third and highest stage of your mental awakening will give you the choice of pure and undefiled thinking. It will offer you the ability to think without looking for causes. Synchronicity will enter a context, revealing that “you are your Thoughts”, all of which reside both inside and outside you. At this stage of awakening, you will be able to perceive the obstacles in front of you, as mere “facts” that you can control. At this stage, you will not need to experience or approach obstacles to learn a life lesson from them. The negative word “obstacle” will be replaced by the more neutral term “event”.

Thoughts and Divine are forces of the universe with which you can be attuned, if you believe in them and if you are willing. In the purest form of Synchronicity, you will have the choice to experience each thought as pure thought. You will act on the basis of intuition, or you will continue to act in a specific way that will cause desirable events come to you. Your inner instinct will warn you of the situation you are heading in, and you will have the choice of whether to continue, or return to the crossroads and follow another direction. In the phase of pure coincidence of events, you will be able to bypass the experience through right thoughts, without evolving the events to the end, but by anticipating and bypassing them.

You will literally skip everything traumatic and take your lesson right now, rather than afterwards. When you allow Wisdom to flow synchronously, then it comes as part of perfection, without resistance or denial of its presence. It flows within you naturally without the need to manifest externally, through painful events. You will have the power to use your mind to make the present happy and bright. The loss of a special relationship is unbearable when you have built no connection with yourself. This is the magic of Synchronicity. Traumas and obstacles are the events that allow you to understand and learn yourselves.

process of spirit awakening

Tangible results of scientific research

On the June 2011 “Through the Wormhole” TV series, two world-renowned quantum physicists presented their theory, according to which soul existence can be proved. More precisely, they support that mortal experience occurs when the quantum substances, our soul is consisted of, leave the nervous system and enter the universe, in general. Their idea stems from the perception that brain is like a biological computer, “with 100 billion neurons and their synaptic connections, acting as information networks”, which can remain in the universe even after death, explaining perceptions of those who have almost had a death experience.

According to philosophical theories, in combination with the latest research that has to do with the quantum existence of Creation, as well as with a brave dose of metaphysics, the soul can therefore undergo quantum upgrades! Human consciousness can be quantum upgraded. To enlighten if you want, to change something in the way of thinking or in the approach of the perception of reality.

23 Findings that show you are spiritually upgrading

The following signs indicate that if you experience them, then it is possible for your soul to be upgraded quantum and consciously.

  1. You have a feeling that you are floating in space, as if you are completely light and you feel intense waves of love flooding you from all directions!
  2. You see dreams, but you realize it at the moment you are dreaming! In other words, you are a dreamer- Lucid dreaming.
  3. You gain a deeper understanding of the connection between politics, the military and the pharmaceutical industry in the world.
  4. You are sensitive to the energies around you, and you perceive them more easily!
  5. You have a feeling of deep inner sorrow, for no apparent reason.
  6. You are freeing yourself from your past (this life and the past), and this causes a feeling of sadness. This feeling is similar to the one having, when you move from a house where you have been living for many years, to a new one. The more you want to move to your new home, the more sorrow you pay, leaving behind memories, energy and experiences from your old home.
  7. Your breathing has become noticeably deeper and calmer.
  8. The same and the same numbers appear repeatedly on your watch.
  9. Intense “Déjà vu” and a flashback to vivid memories of the past!
  10. You have a strong feeling that there is a mission for you in this life!
  11. You feel the “chakras” energy centers of your body being activated!
  12. You unexpectedly attract different people in your life, to a great frequency!
  13. You feel a bit alienated from a lot of people, who are on a different energy wavelength than yours.
  14. You start and pay attention to your friends, and the people you choose to spend time with!
  15. You feel more flexible, lighter, and stronger than ever. Your body has become more straightforward.
  16. You have eliminated negative feelings and thoughts about your fellow human beings. Instead, you have become more affectionate towards others and wish to help them more.
  17. You know what is right and what is wrong for you, and filter it through your instinct.
  18. You have simplified your life a lot. Instead of complexity, it has become more functional and practically organized.
  19. You might be repeating words to yourself, that help you stay in this unprecedented sense your consciousness is experiencing.
  20. You feel that everything is done, as you have planned it. As if you are producing reality according to the power of your thinking in which you now have absolute faith.
  21. Your hair becomes thicker, your skin more radiant and youthful, you generally hear a lot about how much you have beautified.
  22. You have the deep feeling that everything is connected to each other, so you are with all this!
  23. You feel safe, and in communication with the eternal total consciousness of Creation.

The connection of consciousness with quantum theory explains things such as mortal experiences, astral projection, extracorporeal experiences, and even reincarnation, without having to resort to religious ideologies. The energy of consciousness can be recycled to different bodies in some way or exist outside the physical body to another level of reality or travel to another universe.

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Things to keep in mind while being on the road to your spiritual upgrade

The physical management of data, now being formed, creates a framework of loneliness in which we are called to function. As, our own motives for action and achievements of the people around us will no longer be of equal importance to us, we will be inspired to create our own meaning in life from within. This presupposes the sacrifice of several habits that brought us here. We will probably experience a shortage of several things that we used to consider “necessary and out of the ordinary”.

Inexperienced traders when dealing with large companies can cause great harm to themselves, while small companies are able to move fast forward. Likewise, every kind of spiritual work has its own mental decay. So, whoever starts exercising long before his time has come, except that he gains nothing, he doubles his suffering.

Spiritual life needs a lot of attention. It is very sweet, but in order to feel its sweetness, one has to fight hard. To be saved, one must bathe in either his own blood or his tears. Spiritual life is an art and a science. You have to fight hard and dig deep inside. Try to lock yourself into a room for an hour per day and think about your destination. The wind blowing outside, you can not stop it, but you can close the door. Secure the door of your soul and stay in peace, so that the current does not carry you away.

It is important every night to make a self-criticism for the day that has passed. It’s your personal cashier, as traders do when they close their shop. You must thus control the subtle and indistinguishable calculations you have made during the day, if you wish to lead a spiritual life. The fine honey of the spiritual life is often hidden in the hive of a defeated temptation. If you wish to taste the supernatural, you have to live more spiritually.

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