Signs the Universe is Testing you

Signs the universe is testing you include not feeling worthy, facing roadblocks, and more.

The universe is testing you

The challenge is manifesting is when you doubt. There would be instances that what you manifested for will take time. Sometimes the universe is testing you. You may not be getting what you manifested for. You are starting to doubt whether things will be happening. When doubt would arise you start asking if the universe is testing you. How do you know if the signs the universe is testing you? If feels like nothing is happening in your life and you start looking for answers but there is none. Soon the questions keep on adding up and you are still in search of answers but you cannot find one. Then you are facing too many challenges.

There are signs the universe is testing you. These signs are there to see how strong your belief system is. The energy you are releasing may not be in sync with the cosmic energy. Some challenges would happen in your way for what you had manifested to happen. The law of attraction is not a success story. When you start doubting it could happen then there is a possibility that it will not happen at all. Cosmic energy could respond based on the wavelength your mind is in. Manifestation is a mindset that something good will happen to you. When the universe sends you signs then you should not take them for granted but listen and feel them.

testing from universe

Why you must believe in those signs?

These tests are there to make you grow. It happens to make sure you are ready to receive what you manifested for. When you manifest and you are not ready for it, how can you handle all that you will be receiving? What will you do to all those challenges that will come your way? When something happens in your life, you need to be ready. Those challenges are there because the universe knows that you can handle them. The universe wants you to get the training and get you ready for what you asked for. Challenges are a normal occurrence in life. It should never stop you from believing that a good thing is about to happen.

There could be instances where you doubt what will be happening in your life. Especially if nothing is going right. That is part of the process but you should never lose hope. Manifesting is all about hope. Continue to trust that the cosmic energy would be strong enough to make what you hope for unfold in front of you. Continue trusting and hoping even if everyone around you already gave up. The power of manifestation is stronger for a heart that never loses hope. The universe knows what is best for you.

The universe would want you to grow.

Challenges you meet your way is there for some reasons.

  • You have a responsibility to fulfill it. If you do not want to grow, there is no way that you will. Those challenges you met along the way will serve as obstacles. they will never serve as a learning curve if you would not be able to face them. You need not succeed in all these challenges. You have to face it head-on and make sure you do your best so you would not have regrets.
  • Cultivate wisdom as part of your spiritual growth. Wisdom comes with age. That is because of your acquired learnings from experiences. The more you experience, the better your wisdom. Coming out of your comfort zone to work on the different aspects that will make you grow.
  • You are supposed to experience having a broken heart. It may not be in a romantic way but many other ways. It could be not getting what you aspire or not achieving anything you want to achieve. A broken heart is an avenue for healing. When you heal you become stronger.
  • Signs the universe is testing you are up to you to take. Some would ignore the signs and continue with their lives. Others would take it seriously and make sure that they can pass it. Some would ignore it and give up on what they manifested.
universe testing process

Signs the universe is testing you

These are the most common signs of the universe testing you. If you experience these issues, push through because you’re likely being tested by the universe.

You do not feel worthy

There are times when you manifest for something and it is not happening. Then you start to feel unworthy of what you asked for. Then it is a sign that the universe is testing you. Feeling unworthy of what you asked for is a feeling of guilt that we ask for something we desire. When you see that others are getting what they asked for you know they deserve it. When you had been asking for something and you are not getting it, you feel like someone else deserves it. You feel that you are not the one who deserves it. This is a test of whether you know yourself. The universe would want to know the level of your self-confidence.

If you are not confident if you deserve what you ask for, why did you even ask for it in the first place? You can only ask genuinely for something if you know yourself well. There is a difference between needs and wants. When asking for our wants sometimes, you feel guilty. When this happens, the universe would test you on how confident are you for what you ask for. You cannot receive something you are not ready to have. Why did you ask for it if you doubt why you must have it? Doubt is not good when manifesting. You have to be sure of what you manifest for. Feeling unworthy is a feeling that you may feel but you should not linger into it. This will lower your self-confidence. You will affect not only the energy you send out but your motivation too.

There are roadblocks

When everything goes wrong, and every day seems a bad day then you are being tested. You ask for something that could be too much for you to handle but you know deep in our hearts that we want it. Then everything around you starts to crumble. Some of the extreme roadblocks include losing your job. There are instances when you are asking for a promotion and lose your job instead. When this happens, it is a sign the universe is testing you. The aftereffect of what you manifest for could be too difficult to handle. The universe is preparing you for the worst. When you get what you manifest for, you could no longer give up. You have to survive and thrive. Facing roadblocks head-on is a clear sign that you are ready for whatever is to come.

The process of manifesting is already a tedious task. It may not strain your physical being, but it can strain you mentally. You have to prepare your mind for what you ask for. You also have to clear it. This is to invite only the energy that would have a good effect on you. Having negative thoughts invite doubt. Trust is the only thing you would want if you are hoping for something. Inviting negative energy means having doubt or second thoughts. This will add to the roadblocks ahead and you will feel bad about yourself. That only means that for the worst-case scenario you might not be able to handle the heat of what is to come. Readiness is the key when you are manifesting. While it is important to trust the universe, you also have to trust yourself. Roadblocks are there as part of the test and as part of your life.

universe testing you

Your patience is being tested

You may not get what you want immediately. Some manifestations take years. Some people had even forgotten what they asked for and then in an instant, they got what they asked for years ago. There are instances that this could happen. How long can you wait? Patience is a sign the universe is testing you. When you are in a hurry to get what you hoped for and nothing is unfolding in your sight, you would want to lose patience. The universe would want to know how much are you willing to wait. What are you doing while you wait? Patience is one of the values we need in life to thrive. While you need to fight for what you want to survive, thriving is different. There are different sets of values so you thrive, patience is one of them. We manifest to thrive, not to survive.

The universe wants you to be patient while you wait for what you asked for. Do not be idle. Be motivated while you wait. Continue working on other stuff while you wait. The universe does not want idle people. When you become idle, your mind becomes idle too. When your mind becomes idle then it wanders. Negative things will start to enter it. Who knows what kind of things you might start thinking when you are being idle. Patience is a great challenge in this fast-paced world. That is why it is a test. What will you do when it is uncertain if you would get what you ask for or not? Uncertainty is part of life but it is something nobody wants. When you manifest for something and someone got ahead of you, you start to think of various things. Can we have enough patience when you see that you are not going anywhere? Would you still trust the cosmic energy around you on the things you manifested for? Will you be able to have enough confidence in yourself that all things are worth the wait?

Unexpected change

Something huge happens. Something you did not expect. Something you did not ask for. This is a sign the universe is testing you. Sometimes there are better things that may come your way that you did not ask for. Something opposite to what you asked for. The universe would want to see what will you do if this happens after you receive what you manifested. When we ask for something, we need to be ready for what is to come. When hardships come later you have to be sure to tell ourselves that we asked for that and hardship can be part of it. If it is better then you should be grateful that it is good. It is the same when unexpected change happens, if it is good then be grateful. If it is the opposite then endure it. How you react to changes will reflect on how you will react to the result of your manifestation.

Change is part of everyday life. You tend to forget about it because you always think that things happen that way. We forgot that we thrive daily by accepting the change in our life. We need to embrace change as part of our life. In manifestation, it is the same. Change should be accepted. Nothing is constant. When you manifest, you can expect to take a different course. Some manifestations will take on many challenges. When you succeeded in those challenges, you get your reward. Being ready for the unexpected is the kind of trait that will strengthen you. This will make you ready to receive either bad or good news. Preparedness can make you face any storm. That is what the universe wants you to feel. That for anything that can happen in your life, you are ready.

You need to give up something

Giving up something is difficult. Especially giving up something you treasure. When manifesting be ready to give up something. Only when you give up something will you have space for what you ask for. Sometimes you may not be ready to give it up. How can you even give up something important? The universe has a plan. It is a sign the universe is testing it. It wants to know if you are willing to give up something, to make space for what you asked for. When you are not ready to give it up then it means that you are not ready for what you asked for. Sacrifices are needed to achieve what we want. In manifesting we need to sacrifice for the things we hope for. It is only when we sacrifice will we understand the value of what you ask for. Being able to give up something is one of the most difficult things to do. What if the only way for you to get what you manifested for.

In life, you cannot be selfish. When you become selfish, you become greedy and may start manifesting for things you do not need. Manifestation is about manifesting what you want. That does not mean that you should ask for everything. Greed and selfishness are not good spiritual energy. They are not supported when you manifest. You cannot and should not have everything. Remind yourself that everything is in moderation. If you are ready to give up something, that is because you are ready to receive something.

What will happen if I did not recognize the sign?

The universe is sending us a lot of messages for us to understand what it wants us to do or to have. There are signs and messages all around us. We have to make sure that we listen and we pay attention to our surroundings. When we do that we will see and hear what it wants us to see. The universe deemed everyone important. There is a connection within the cosmic energy. Signs are not only directed towards you. There would be someone in your circle that would be instrumental in leading the way. Trust the people around you. Do not neglect the good advice and the goodwill they are sharing with you. The people you trust can be the messenger. Be careful in listening to those words since these conversations can also be a sign.

Are you being tested by the universe before you manifest?

Yes, you are. You need to be ready for the things you asked for. The universe, wants you to be ready. While you might be shocked to receive what you asked for. After all the challenges you had to go through, imagine reaping the reward. It is like getting a trophy after the championship match. This is the reward you worked hard for and you know you deserve it. The universe wants you to feel it that way. So testing you is all worth it.

What if the universe is telling you something?

The signs of the universe can be everywhere. In dreams, overhearing repetitive conversations, and intuition. You will feel as if something will happen. You will feel emotions you cannot describe. Pay attention to your surroundings. Do not ignore the signs. It means it is preparing something for you. It could be small or big but regardless, be ready for change. Preparing your mind and body for a change in your life will only bring you good things. Be grateful for the things that are yet to come. The universe loves a grateful heart. A grateful heart has no room for any negative emotions No room for any negative thoughts.

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