Signs A Spirit Is Trying To Warn You

Signs a spirit is trying to warn you include physical sensations, unnatural events, and appearing in your dreams.

There is no denying that the spiritual world never fails to fascinate people. The mere thought of a spirit making contact with you is both scary and exciting at the same time. So, if you have encountered a ghost before, you know what it feels like.

And, if you haven’t, you might wonder about the signs when a spirit tries to warn you. Because spirits don’t have a physical form, they communicate through indirect means. Or, you can refer to them as common signs.

When you feel the presence of a spirit, you will have an uncanny experience. And, you may get confused about what the signs mean and what to follow next. This post attempts to shed some light on the matter and make things easy for you.

When you know beforehand about what the spirit wants, it might confront you. Here, you get to know about the signs a spirit is trying to warn you. So, read on and have a better understanding of things.

You feel unusual physical sensations

Apart from experiencing a strange feeling that someone is watching you, certain kinds of physical sensations tend to grip you. This is when you need to understand that the spirit realm is very close to you and opening. The physical sensations include the following.

  • The feeling that someone has touched you even if there is no one near you
  • Chills running through your body
  • A tingling feeling on your hands and legs
  • Some kind of unnatural power comes near or expands within you
  • Continuous pain in certain parts of your body
  • Seeing strange things or colors that are absent physically

Sometimes, you may experience physical sensations similar to that of anxiety. However, if you are not an anxious person but often find that your heartbeat racing or palms sweating, this could indicate the presence of a spirit near you.

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You can sense a spirit’s presence around you

Although stating that you may sense the presence of a spirit appears vague, it is an intense feeling that many people experienced. Also, it is hard to describe if you haven’t felt anything similar before. One of the popular signs about sensing a spirit around is that you feel like you are being watched.

You feel like that someone is continuously watching you from a distance and have set their eyes on you. Also, it gives you a feeling that you are not alone even when you are in your private space. While the situation is scary, the spirit would likely show signs when you are alone. They want to communicate with you and not with the people around you.

Many people tend to experience these situations during meditation. When you put your mind to rest, it allows your body to increase mental and physical vibrations. As a result, your body comes in line with the spiritual world because spirits operate at a higher frequency level. So, whenever you feel something different while meditating, it means a spirit is trying to contact you.

Spirits tend to appear in your dreams

Most of the time, spirits tend to connect with the living through dreams. According to experts like Nina Kahn, dreams and consciousness aren’t far apart. And, this is where spirits can make their entry with ease.

That way, you can experience divine inspiration, telepathy, and messages from people who are long gone. People tend to have strange dreams whenever a spirit is trying to connect with them. Hence, if you are having dreams about a loved one who is no more in this world, this could be the sign that the person is trying to reach out to you.

Moreover, a person might even speak to you in dreams as well. It is a common phenomenon where they will give you a warning or message about something that you need to know. So, if a spirit warns you that you are in danger in a dream, you should take it seriously.

And, the best to work it out is by talking to a psychic immediately. Besides, spirits find it hard to speak to the people directly they want to connect with. As such, you will have dreams about odd occurrences.

For example, when you see dreams about car accidents frequently, it might be a sign that you should be careful while driving. Also, it could mean that you need to quit driving for some time.

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Frequent changes in room temperatures

Of all the weirdest forms of a spirit trying to warn you, a sudden drop in temperature is the most common phenomenon that many people experienced. Temperature changes occur whenever the metaphysical and physical realms meet. You may have encountered a sudden chill when you are thinking about a person who died.

Frequent temperature changes might happen for a short period, but someone indeed paid you a visit from the grave. And, the chill is their way of saying ‘hello’ to you. Also, this ‘hello’ could mean that the spirit wants to say that they are thinking of you, too.

However, you may wonder why the drop in temperature is so common. And, why the spirit doesn’t make the room hotter or simply utter “hi”. As you know, humans are warm-blooded whereas spirits are made of pure energy. So, whenever spirits are around, it balances the temperature and makes you feel cold suddenly.

You encounter unnatural things

You know that spirits may turn the lightbulbs on and off in an attempt to grab your attention. In addition, occurrences such as objects falling from their specific places are common as well. So, whenever you notice these things, it is certain that a spirit is trying to reach out to you.

Moreover, when you try to analyze these signals, you can figure out the spirits that are trying to contact you. While most of the spirits might be unknown to you, sometimes people are guided by their deceased loved ones.

For example, if you notice the photo of your grandfather has been knocked off the shelf along with another item that the same person gave you, it is a sign that the deceased person is trying to contact you.

Also, lights may flicker in specific rooms where the deceased loved one lived or over photographs. Some people heard music whenever spirits tried to make contact with them. Oftentimes, the spirit will stop the clock at a specific time and indicate that they have died. It is another way of trying to communicate with you.

In general, such music comes in the form of a song inside your mind. The songs could be the favorite tracks of the deceased person.

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Certain events seem to come together

Apart from the coincidences that tend to happen frequently, you may experience unrelated events in your life. And, they have an impact on one another. Referred to as ‘synchronized events’, they are similar to pieces of a big puzzle that are starting to fall into place.

It is a kind of reassurance that shows you the green signal to continue with the effort. And, it makes you feel like you are on the right track. For example, you may get worried about a business deal you took hastily.

You switch on the television and come across a talk show about positive thinking. Or, you turn on the radio only to hear a song that speaks about the brighter things in life. However, each one of those occurrences doesn’t make sense on its own. But when you put them together, it’s like solving a puzzle.

Final thoughts: What to do about those signs

At some point, you may question yourself about how to know whether the spirit is trying to contact you or not. Above all, don’t forget that coincidences exist. And, this is true to its core. Moreover, most of the things discussed above aren’t surefire signs that the spirits are trying to contact you.

In reality, they are simple events that people associate with high energy coming from the spiritual realm. Your spirit guide might not be interested to get in touch with you. Also, the flickering of the lightbulbs could mean that they going bad.

Despite this, when more of these events happen within a short timeframe, it means the spirit is reaching out to you. While a couple of unusual occurrences could be a coincidence, having a few of them frequently shouldn’t be avoided.

Spirits tend to use identifiable signs to grab attention and convey their messages. So, when you encounter such situations, it is better not to avoid the signals from spirits. When lots of occurrences happen simultaneously, it is wise to consult with an expert. They have profound knowledge to find out whether or not the spirit realm is trying to get in touch with you now.

Getting in touch with a psychic can help you get out of this tricky situation. They have a deep understanding of the metaphysical realm and are happy to lend you a helping hand in any form of spiritual analysis. So, contact them and ask questions about the spirit realm.

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