Is it possible to feel when someone is thinking about you?

There are many indications you may feel that could mean somone is thinking about you.

It’s always comforting to know that you’re continuously occupying another person’s mind. And if somebody is someone you adore, your happiness will be limitless. However, how can you know that this is happening and not a hallucination?

What if I told you that psychic energies help you detect when someone is thinking of you? While this may sound absurd, it is true. It’s up to you to pay attention and decipher the signals your body sends you regularly. Continue reading to learn about a few psychic indicators that someone is thinking about you.

Here Are Indications That Someone Is Thinking About You

These could all be indications that someone is thinking about you. If a few of these things happen together, someone could be thinking about you.

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This concept dates back to Asian civilization. According to legend, your nose may begin to itch when someone thinks of you, resulting in recurrent sneezing. This, of course, does not apply if you are ill at the time. However, if you’ve developed a case of the “achoo’s” for no apparent cause and are not suffering from a cold, you may find yourself in the center of someone’s attention.

Are you able to deduce the nature of the thoughts? Two consecutive sneezes signal that someone is thinking unkindly about you. Three consecutive sneezes or more indicates that someone is thinking positively about you and may even be missing or in love with you!


When we get hiccups, we get irritated. It is usual to get hiccups after the end of a meal. On the other hand, random hiccups are regarded as psychic indicators that someone is thinking or talking about you. Sadly, hiccups signify that someone is thinking negatively about you or is gossiping about you. And there is a means to determine who the individual is.

Keep notice of any random hiccups you experience. You must ensure that natural hiccup triggers, such as drinking/eating too fast/ too much, are not the cause. Certain drugs and medical conditions can also cause hiccups.

Pay attention to people around you whenever you experience odd hiccups, and always identify one common person. This individual is the culprit. He/she is the one who has negative views about you or spreads gossip about you.

A butterfly perches on you

Butterfly’s spiritual properties are well-known. They are considered energy carriers in many cultures and are extremely receptive to energy connection. If a butterfly perches on your arm, this may indicate that someone is thinking of you.

If you’re out in a field where you’d expect to see butterflies, this isn’t necessarily the case. In contrast, if you’re sitting at home and thinking about that person and a butterfly perches on you or enters the room, that could be an indication of an active telepathic link. You and the butterfly share vibrational energy, and the butterfly is attracted to it. It moves toward the source closest to you.


Consider the moments when you have goosebumps in typical conditions. Our physical way of experiencing emotions is through these waves of bumpy electrical skin tingles. Excitement, memories of past times, or even excitement for something we’re looking forward to come with the body tells. Additionally, it can result from anxiousness, apprehension, or even a misrepresentation of love.

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At times, you cannot seem to concentrate on anything. Your ideas are scattered, and you struggle to do anything. This is because someone is subconsciously thinking of you, and you sense their distractions.

The White feather sign

A white feather carries an expressive connotation. If you find a white feather, you can be certain that your particular someone has been pondering about you. Additionally, a white feather is said to signal that your angel is looking over you and wishes to see you happy.

Eye itchiness or twitching

If you suddenly experience itching or twitching of an eye, it is a sign that you may be in someone else’s thoughts. Positive and negative thoughts are equally possible. And there is a technique to recognize them. Based on which of your eyes is itching or twitching, you can guess what someone thinks about you. It also varies between men and women.

For a male, twitching the right eye is generally considered acceptable, whereas twitching the left eye is considered bad. In women, the opposite is true. Itching or twitching of the left eye indicates that you are being praised, whereas itching of the right eye indicates being criticized.

Before you jump to conclusions, you should rule out natural reasons for eye itching/twitching, such as allergies, medical concerns, or insect bites. Stress, sleep deprivation, weariness, and diet could all be factors.

You have frequent thoughts about that person.

Of course, if you’re obsessed with someone, you’ll think of them frequently; nevertheless, if you find yourself thinking of them for no apparent reason, they may be thinking of you. This doesn’t imply you saw something that reminded you of them; what it means is that the thought of them comes to you from out of nowhere, with nothing to trigger it. If this occurs, you are likely in their thoughts too. Who knows, you might receive an unexpected message from them.

You dream of them

You may never think of this individual, yet they came to mind last night when you were dreaming. You’ll be able to see what they’re doing, how they appear, and what they’re saying. Because we are all connected by energy, it might signify what is to come in their future or what is going on in their present life. More than that, they appear in your dreams because they have been thinking about you, and you are being connected to them through dreams. In this situation, contact them and tell them about the dream; this way, you’ll know if they’ve been thinking about you lately.

You are experiencing an expected surge of emotions.

You may be having the finest day of your life, but in an instant, you experience extreme grief for no apparent cause. With this flood of emotions, someone will immediately spring to mind. If this occurs, there is a good possibility that this person is thinking of you, specifically if they were close to you. It may be a former lover or an old buddy you haven’t seen in a long time.

You feel their despair.

This may seem strange, but consider the following: you recently ended your relationship with your spouse. While you may be feeling OK, you suddenly experience a gut-wrenching sensation in your stomach, and they come to mind. You feel them at that moment; you are experiencing their emotional state. Of course, you want to stop experiencing this soon and return to normalcy, but take time to observe how they feel. This is a sign that they are thinking of you and experiencing deep sadness and pain.

Smiling subconsciously.

This is not the case when a friend tells you a joke or when you smile at a neighbor. This is when you are going down the street, doing your own business, or in a meeting, and then, bam! You smile. Nothing compelled you to smile at the time, yet something within you unconsciously compelled you to flash your pearly whites. Your brain receives signals, and your body merely translates them into physical form. This person is thinking the most lovely and good thoughts about you. Consider your grin, your sparkling eyes, and your infectious laugh. Naturally, they can’t help but smile, and you get a sense of how much they admire and respect you.

Discomfort during meals

If you start to choke, cough or have pain swallowing down food down your throat in the middle of a meal, be aware that tension is building up in your subconscious mind. It could indicate that someone is thinking about you and is concerned about you and that their anxiety is transferring to you.

They approach you randomly.

If someone believes you are a good match for them, their subconscious will seek methods to incorporate you into their lives and bring you closer to them. This indicates that the individual will approach you for no reason. Their subconscious urges them to approach you, even though they have no legitimate reason. If they approach you for no apparent reason, it’s a solid indication that they’ve been thinking about you.

An excellent clue that someone has feelings for you and may have already fallen in love with you is if you get the impression that they are thinking about you. However, this does not mean they are completely in touch with their emotions. Don’t assume that just because they’re thinking about it, it’s going to be forever. It’s possible that after meeting you, they realize you’re not a good fit for them and lose interest in you. The only way to determine whether your subconscious and their subconscious are on the same page is to spend time together. That way, you’ll be able to discern what’s truly going on and determine whether their persistent consideration of you could lead to something incredible. Remember, while these are all possible indicators that someone is continuously thinking about you, you are most likely correct if you feel that someone is. Follow your instincts; they are almost always correct.

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