How to manifest using visualization

Imagine yourself having achieved your dreams already using mental rehearsal, goal pictures, and affirmations.

How do you manifest using visualization?

Imagine yourself having achieved your dreams already using mental rehearsal, goal pictures, and affirmations.

Manifesting your dreams using visualization is a great strategy for those new to law of attraction or those with much experience. The process can be easy or difficult depending on your mental and emotional state.

Entering this process with a positive mindset and joyful emotions is the best way to make this work in your favor.

I’ve been manifesting my dreams for years, that’s why I became a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach.

I wanted to learn why I was able to manifest my dreams and find the specific strategies that were helpful, while learning  more. That way I could manifest more of my dreams and teach you how to do it as well.

The universe is abundant and I want you to enjoy that abundance as well.

This article will cover what is visualization and the benefits of using it. We will also take a deep dive of how to use visualization to manifest anything you want. And lastly, we’ll cover some pitfalls to avoid when using visualization to manifest.

visualize your dreams

What is visualization

Visualization is imagining yourself doing something, typically successfully. The main goal of visualization is seeing yourself accomplishing a goal. This can be any goal you want to achieve. 

Visualization is a very powerful tool and has been proven to work in real life. That’s why many of the top performers in the world such as pro-athletes, CEO’s, and very wealthy people use visualization on a regular basis.

Use this process that has been used by many people to achieve greatness for yourself. 

Benefits of Visualization

Visualization has many benefits. That’s why the world’s elite performers swear by this technique. Let’s look at some of the biggest benefits.

It activates your creative subconscious. This is the part of your mind that continues to work in the background. Visualization makes that part of your mind work to come up with creative ways to make the dream a reality. We don’t control this part of our mind, but it seems to have the most influence on us. 

Visualization also programs your mind to see opportunities. Our brains like to make connections. Establishing that goal in your mind allows it to look for connections which become opportunities.

This helps with law of attraction because you’re putting this thought into the universe. If you do this correctly, it becomes the most powerful energy imaginable. That energy will attract to you the things you so desire. They will become more true in your mind, then in reality.

Visualization will also increase your motivation. Imagining that you’ve achieved your goal will give you more inspiration to work towards it. You will act in a way that makes you think it’s already true because your mind can’t tell the difference between the visualizations and reality. This will impact your actions on a daily basis in a positive way.

visualization for manifestation

How to use visualization for manifestation

You can use these methods to manifest using visualization one at a time, or a combination for more powerful effects. I would suggest starting with the first method, then working your way down the list.

Mental rehearsal

This is a great method for visualization and what is typically referred to when someone thinks about the process. This is what athletes typically use and should be the first method you master

Start by closing your eyes and relaxing your body and breathing.

See yourself achieving your dream as vividly as possible. Include as much detail as possible by involving your 5 senses. How does the environment smell? How do things feel that you touch? Are you touching hot leather in your brand new car? Do you smell the fishy smell of the beach on your vacation?

Involve your emotions. How do you feel having achieved this dream? Most people think surface level happiness, but I encourage you to go deeper. For example, if you wish to manifest money, you’ll feel happy of course with more money, but maybe you’ll feel relief because you were stressed about financial issues. That relief feeling is the deeper emotion. That’s what brings happiness. 

The thoughts running through your mind. What are you thinking as you achieve your goal? This is another area I would recommend you go deeper than surface level thoughts. If you actually manifest love, you’re going to be thinking about how much you love this person, but also thinking, it’s a regular day, “What would I text my fiance?”

manifest with visualization

Goal pictures

These types of visualization can take more or less effort depending on how far you want to go with it.

Goal pictures are pretty self-explanatory, there just pictures of your goals. Seeing them helps strengthen your visualizations. Basically, the same idea of using a vision board.

Here’s a few thoughts on effort levels for these goal pictures.

Let’s say you want an Escalade. You could of course just download a picture of an Escalade. Or, you could crop yourself into the picture of the Escalade. Or, you could go to the Cadillac Dealership and take a picture of yourself in a new Escalade.

Actually going to the dealership is going to give you much better visualizations because you’ll know how that new Escalade smells, feels, and looks down to every minor detail.

However, if you want to manifest a vacation, you have to settle for photoshopping a picture of yourself in Africa.

Add affirmations

Adding affirmations will help solidify your visualizations. The affirmations become a mental loop in your mind that help you to believe in your visualizations as a reality. 

They help you become that person in your visualization. I love affirmations and use them multiple times per day.

Visualization pitfalls

I haven’t come across to many issues with people having problems with visualization, but I did want to point out one thing I’ve see.

loa visualization

Visualizing too much

Only living in the visualizations can create anxiety throughout your real life. You may feel bad because you haven’t achieved that visualization yet. 

You still have to take action and take advantage of opportunities for manifestation to work. This is possibly the biggest misconception of law of attraction in thinking, “If I just think about it enough, it’ll happen.” This is incorrect. You still have to take action and that action is part of the manifestation process. 

Live in the moment. Don’t lock yourself away and just visualize yourself achieving success. Do 1-3 visualizations per day. Otherwise, you should be taking action to make those dreams a reality. 

Final thoughts

Use this guide to manifest your dreams using visualization. This method works to manifest anything and is possibly one of the most powerful ways to do it. 

Our minds are so powerful, that they can’t tell your imagination from reality. Use that power to your advantage and put your wildest dreams into the universe using visualization. 

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