How to manifest something

You can manifest anything you desire by aligning yourself with the universe and removing limiting beliefs. 

You can manifest anything you desire by aligning yourself with the universe and removing limiting beliefs. 

I’ve been manifesting things my entire life, but have really been successful the last 7 years. I wanted to know how to help other people do it so I became a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach.

This guide will teach you how to manifest your desires. Sometimes people have most of the steps completed, but just need to complete the process.

As you work through the guide, check back to make sure you’re completing the process in its entirety. 

Steps to manifest anything

The following steps will help you manifest anything you want in life. Pay attention to the details of each step as you make your way through the list. 

using manifestation for things

Cultivate an abundance mindset

An abundance mindset simply means you believe the universe is plentiful and will provide for you. The opposite of this is a scarcity mindset which means you think the universe is limited. 

You also have to believe you already have everything you need for success. You are a product of the universe and everything you need for manifestation is inside you.

Truly believe you can have what you desire. Bonus if you can feel like you already have it.

Be clear about what you want

When setting goals be as specific as possible and add dates for accomplishment. If you’re manifesting more money, use the specific dollar amount you would like to manifest.

Connect with your intention and why you desire this goal. You need to personally connect with this desire. Doesn’t work the same if you want something just because somebody else has it.

Align your words with your dreams. Speak as if they are guaranteed to come true.

law of attraction guide

Visualize emotions after manifestation

How will you feel after you have manifested your desire? 

Channeling these emotions will make your request stronger. The universe responds to requests backed by strong emotion much faster than only empty words.

Put energy into believing you already have what you desire. This will help you develop those emotions.

ask the universe

You can ask the universe for things in a variety of ways, but these are the best.

Visualize yourself having manifested your desire daily. Add emotion and senses to your visualizations. Visualizing touch and smell makes your visualizatons much stronger.

Make a vision board with pictures of things you want to manifest. You can make a physical vision board with printed pictures. Or, you can download an app to easily make one on your phone.

You can write a letter to the universe detailing the things you would like to manifest. Be very specific about the things you want. 

A very similar technique is called, “scripting.” This means you write your life as you dream it would be, in the present tense. Basically, writing your dream life as if it already happened.

The final technique for asking the universe is called the, “369 method.” This means you write your desires 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 times at night. Writing your dream this many times makes the universe take notice.

manifesting something

take action

Take powerful action aligned with your desires. Whatever action you need to take towards your goal, should be multiplied into more significant actions.

You should take action like you can’t fail. What would you do if you had a 100% chance of succeeding? Do that!

Take your end goal and plan backwards from that. This will help you plan all of the smaller steps you need to accomplish your larger goal.

Put together a consistent routine so you’re working towards your goal daily. Consistently working on small tasks will eventually turn into a large accomplishment.

trust the process

After asking the universe for what you want, be patient. Trust that it’s going to happen.

Be persistent working towards your goals. Every decision you make should help to align you with your goals.

Be grateful for what you have already. Be thankful for this opportunity you have to manifest your desires.

acknowledge signs you receive

“Synchronicities” are meaningful coincidences you see that are in alignment with your desires. For example, you’re thinking about becoming an accountant and you see a flyer for accounting classes at your job.

Show gratitude when you see these signs and take them as acknowledgement that you’re on the right path.

raise your vibration

You can raise your vibration by doing something that brings you extreme joy. Not something that simply makes you happy, but something that, “sets your soul on fire!”

Common things that can raise your vibration are meditation, yoga, and volunteering. If you have a specific activity that brings you incredible joy, do it daily.

clear resistance

You must remove internal and external resistance to make room for your manifestation.

Write down your self-limiting beliefs. Be honest with yourself and write down all the thoughts that limit you.

Turn those limiting beliefs into positive affirmations by turning them into their opposite, positive statements.

Use your own affirmations or listen to pre-recorded affirmations to reprogram your subconscious. This is especially helpful if you’re having a hard time getting rid of self-limiting beliefs. 

Remove toxic people from your life. This is probably the most difficult thing because some of those toxic people could be family members. If that’s the case, limit your interactions as much as possible. If it’s friends, you can remove them from your life.

Be patient and trust your manifestation is on the way.

If you still haven’t manifested your desire, forget about it for a little while. You may want your desire too bad. To the point of desperation. Sometimes letting go is the most helpful thing for the law of attraction. 

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signs manifestation is close

These are signs that you are close to manifesting your desires.

  1. You keep hearing about your desire, whether it’s people talking, online, news, podcasts, etc.
  2. You have a feeling of extreme excitement and can’t necessarily explain why.
  3. You keep seeing repeating numbers when you check the time or just throughout the day
  4. Other people are suggesting your desires to you or speaking to you about them without knowing that’s something you’re actively manifesting.

Manifesting specifics

You can do a few extra things if you’re trying to manifest love, money, or something faster. Try a few of these in addition to the steps listed above.

manifesting love

The most important thing you can do if you’re wanting to manifest love in your life is, love yourself. 

Loving yourself will attract others who love you. Those you attract will be attracted to the person you’re becoming.

manifesting money

First, you should show gratitude for the abundance in the universe. Know and trust that the universe is plentiful enough to provide for you.

Visualize yourself counting large amounts of cash money. Add the feel and smell of the money to your visualizations. Visualize your emotions while counting this large sum of cash.

Another strategy is to write a large check to yourself. Check out the dream check.

manifest fast

To manifest something fast, you must be clear about what you desire. Be as specific as possible.

Take powerful action immediately. 

The speed at which you manifest something depends on how long you’ve been taking action and how far you’ve come along your journey.

Go Manifest

Follow these steps to manifest anything you desire. The process largely remains the same until you have manifested your dream life!

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