How to Manifest on Paper

Manifest on paper using scripting to write down all the things that will happen after your desire has been manifested.

Before we delve into the process of manifesting on paper, let’s first define what manifesting is. In its most general sense, Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines manifestation as “one of the forms that something has when it appears or occurs.” As you can see, it literally means something that occurs naturally. But in this article, we are going to touch on how we can practice willful manifestation by writing it down, or as the question begs:

How Do We Manifest Things By Writing Them Down on Paper?

To start things off, you will have to first visualize, after which you will affirm, and then use a vision board, meditate, and then maintain a gratitude journal. These, among all other essential parts of the manifestation method. are the five processes of which are the main ingredients to make things happen—ultimately, manifesting your vision to reality.

The main idea is that if you have any visualization and affirmations that you are already using or working on, writing it down on paper makes it more forceful and intense. It, therefore, increases the chances of it being realized. Although it also depends on how creative you are, this article should help you organize and put some meaningful structure to your chosen affirmations—all the while using pen and paper to help you make your dreams come true.

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What is Scripting?

Scripting is all about writing down the things that will happen after your goal has already been manifested. It is like a preview of the movie in your mind about what happens to your life when your dreams have already materialized. It involves what you imagine and how you feel about it. Writing it down as a script amplifies it.

For example, you have that vision of your dream house when the construction is completed. Or how the sun and sand will feel when you are already taking your dream vacation. Write it down to the last detail, even as to how the sand will feel between your toes or the sun shining on your face.

The Benefits of Scripting:

• Scripting will help you visualize your goals, especially for those who have difficulty being mentally creative.

• It enhances the clarity and detail of the things that you want to manifest.

• Let’s you explore your thoughts, emotions, and even how you feel. Understanding yourself is also part of the successful manifestation of your goals

• Scripting also helps you gain confidence and trust in the universe that it will deliver if you do things right.

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What Makes a Good Script?

Not all scripts are created equal, but you can write one and improve it according to your satisfaction. Remember, you are the creator of your life. The universe will help you realize it: So, a well-rounded script that you feel comfortable with is essential.

1. A good script is written in the present tense.

Part of a successful manifestation is the feeling that what you have asked for is yours already, even if it’s still on the way. Almost all manifestation teachers agree that if your initial and consistent emotion throughout the whole manifestation process matches your end goal, your desired result will likely manifest itself.

Writing in the present tense will start the manifestation as this evokes feelings of “being there already.” What you feel is likely what is going to happen. So, it will take some gentle and consistent effort to be calm and grateful about the gifts that will be yours, or are already yours, so to speak.

It is important to send the right message to the universe of how your feeling should match your goals—one of joy, fulfillment, satisfaction, and to a great extent, gratitude.

Furthermore, using “I am” and “I have” instead of “I will” will significantly enhance the certainty and speed of your manifestation requests. The goal is to produce that feeling of a happy, blissful state of having received your blessings and gifts from the universe even before they happen. Thought precedes action. Using a script naturally triggers your mental capabilities to imagine and manifest your end result.

2. Write your manifestation in detail.

Details help you anchor and focus on your desired result. Stories about people who neglected the details of their wishes got precisely what they wanted but left a lot of things yet to be desired.

For example, a man who wanted to become rich and count and hold lots of money in his hands ended up being a teller in the bank. He got his wish. He just didn’t describe it well. The better your description of your desire, the better chances of getting precisely what you were aiming to manifest.

Sending vague and unclear signals to the universe will cause it to give you the same incomplete result of your request. As you discover and become more precise about what you really want, write it down in complete detail. Then, carefully make revisions as you see fit. Once you are satisfied with what you have written, it is important to relax and let the process work for you.

Always remember that the combination of mental visualization and writing things down is a powerful part of manifestation. Having something written down can jumpstart your mental and emotional state and keep it there as well.

3. Include your positive thoughts and emotions.

Your feelings are an integral part of being able to properly manifest your desires. Write them down and study them too. We have been trained (especially the male species) to bury and ignore our feelings to avoid appearing weak. Emotions are exactly what makes us human.

In the manifestation process, our feelings both act as indicators and triggers. If you live your life confident about good things coming to you, chances are you will receive exactly that, good things. On the other hand, if you live your life being fearful about bad things that might happen to you, the universe will likely be obliged to give you events and consequences that will manifest as bad things that happen in your life.

Always remember, manifestation can go either way. It is usually according to what you feed it on a regular basis. What you focus on eventually becomes your reality.

Putting your thoughts and emotions on paper allows you to look at them objectively, as it will reveal things about you that you have never known before. You can make the necessary adjustments with the way you think to fit the scripting that you have set for yourself.

As some would call it, it is like “experiencing your future reality in the here and now.”

Once you master that stage of manifesting where you consistently put in the effort to feel as if you already have received your request from the universe, the written words will eventually come to life on their own.

4. Gratitude and the Gratitude Journal

Add the phrase “I am grateful.” to your scripting, as teachers would say that this phrase is the beginning and the end to manifesting wealth and happiness in your life. Gratitude is the key to overwhelming abundance that springs forth from the nature of the giving universe. You make it easy for it to give and even give to you again to your heart’s content.

Writing down your feelings of gratitude also solidifies your feelings and emotions about the receiving process. Maintaining a gratitude journal will constantly remind you of how things are happening for you and not to you.

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What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are easy-to-understand yet powerful statements that declare your manifestations. It is a tool that helps you speak to the universe with certainty and confidence. It is almost like an incantation of sorts. There is a certain kind of gravity on how you speak or formulate your words in affirmations.

Your scripting constitutes your detailed plans, while affirmations are the more powerful and condensed version of your desires and goals. You write them, you speak them, and use them regularly, preferably on a daily basis. It is said that the more rounded and prose-like your affirmations are, the more powerful it becomes. And the strongest of them is the “I am” statements.

The Power of the “I am” Affirmation Statement

When you use the phrase “I am,” you describe what you think you are feeling to the universe. For example, when you use the phrase “I am happy.” The statement affects you as you are referring to yourself directly. It goes into the deepest part of your brain, called the subconscious. If you have been a practitioner for some time now, you would understand how powerful the subconscious can be.

An I am statement becomes lodged deep into your psyche, that whatever is planted there becomes a permanent part of you. Thus, saying or writing down “I am happy” will produce happy results more consistently. The same goes for “I am sad.” Once this declaration comes out of your mouth and even more so when you write it down, you tend to keep on stumbling across unfortunate situations that will validate you are being sad.

So, whenever you say or write down “I am” statements, be aware that these two words are some of the most powerful words you can ever say or write down in the human language. This is part of what they call a “self-fulfilling prophecy.” What you say to yourself will more often than not become true.

Helpful Steps on How to Manifest on Paper

Follow these steps to manifest your desires on paper or using scripting. You will acheive the best results going through the entire list of steps in order.

Step 1. Schedule a time to sit down and write down your goals and affirmations.

Notice that as you write down your goals, you begin to experience a significant change in your state of mind. That is important. You will start to think a little bit slower and become more deliberate in your thoughts as you get more focused. You begin to realize that you are writing down your destiny, and you are sealing it with the written word.

You don’t have to be too careful, but be aware that what you have written down will eventually become your reality. Some manifestation teachers may say that you don’t have to be too frivolous or extravagant in your goals since you might not be convinced that it will materialize. Know that doubt is one of the biggest roadblocks to manifesting.

Conversely, others would say there are no restrictions or limits to your dreams. And it is true to a great extent, but we recommend that you may want to start with your bigger goals (however big and tall they are), then chop them down to smaller ones on a yearly or monthly basis as you get down to the daily aspect. You may want to do smaller actionable items that will help the manifestation along.

Do not be anxious nor impatient; the universe has its perfect timing. Just know that your wishes and desires are on their way to you.

Here is the clinch, the secret to manifestation is that you don’t have to work too hard or be unrecognizable in the end. Yes, sure, you have to change, but realize that these desires are gifts and that they, too, are working their way to you. Do take the time to sit still and feel grateful that they are yours already.

Step 2. Create a Manifestation List.

To itemize and simplify your task, you may want to write down your manifestations in the form of a list. Include everything big and small. The first draft of your manifestation is your first and most important step in realizing your goals. You can make some changes along the way, or you can choose not to. It really depends on you.

A list will also serve as a reminder as to what your goals were from the very beginning. Checking your results against your written goals. From time to time will help you keep your focus and get you to manifest with better speed.

Step 3. Use a Vision Board

Note that you can always decide for yourself how you will use your vision board. But the more relevant and more specific it is, the better. Create a vision board that, in your opinion, holds much meaning and is most compelling to you.

1. Write down a time-bound goal, such as your manifestation for the year or the month. This way you can concentrate on your request. But then again, you can do whatever works for you. Make sure that you are specific.

2. Add a picture that represents your goal.

3. Place your board in an area where you can see it every day.

Step 4. Take Your Time and Review Your Goals Whenever Necessary

You must invest time to reflect on your wants and goals not to be misled by other people’s definition of success. Consider yourself unique as you go about determining what you really want. However, you may also borrow some ideas from other successful manifestors. Once you get used to manifesting on paper, you’ll be able to improve both your spoken and written words, increasing the speed and intensity of your manifestations.

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Additional Tips and Techniques on Manifesting on Paper

Check out these additional manifestation techniques for manifesting on paper. Use a few for the best results.

The 369 Method

Several techniques have been invented to make manifesting on paper easier. One of these is the 369 method. This method involves writing down your desired manifestation three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times in the evening. Scientifically speaking, it makes a lot of sense since Nikola Tesla said the number 369 is the key to unlocking the universe. But that’s a different but related subject altogether.

You can try this method and see results in about a week or two. Simple and repetitive as it may seem, this method is worth a try.

Focus on the Feeling

Always remember to write down your feelings about your manifestations too. The more descriptive it is, the better you can relate. Rather than write, “I am now a successful entrepreneur.” You may write, “I am now a successful entrepreneur, and I am thrilled and grateful to be blessed with good business partners with a steady stream of customers that are coming in an increasing number.”

You can even go further by adding more details like numbers and revenue to make it more realistic and compelling. As you look at it several times a day, it makes the pull even stronger. You become more enthusiastic and receptive as you find more and more ways to validate your manifestation.

Remember to add action as the necessary work to make your request to the universe a reality. Don’t worry too much about the outcome lest you get frustrated. Just go ahead and do your part and let the universe do the rest.

Repetition is Key

As far as the law of averages goes, if you repeat something many times over a certain period of time, it will eventually occur or manifest. This is similar to working some number of hours a day to achieve a particular goal. With repetition, you will likely achieve your goal. However, repetition in manifestation has more to do with confidence and the belief that the universe will grant your request, provided that you put in the correct effort and not be too anxious or doubtful.

If you repeat too many times but are still doubtful, it will likely be delayed or, worse, not given at all. So, repetition may increase your chances of success if coupled with the correct affirmation and the feeling that matches the expected outcome.

Final thoughts

Once again, the way to do effective manifestation is to be specific and detailed in your request. As you do your part and take action towards it, allow the universe to do its part as well. Below is a quick rundown on how to manifest your dreams using paper:

  1. Take the time to sit down and think over what manifestations you really want for yourself, something that could give you motivation and satisfaction. Write them down as scripting, as well as affirmations.
  2. Create a manifestation list to make it simple but complete. The more detailed, the better.
  3. Create and use a Vision Board to keep your focus on your goals.
  4. Take time to review your results against your goals and see how the universe has awarded your requests.

On a final note, try not to be too attached to the results while manifesting. Trust the process and don’t obsess over it. Write them down, and be confident that the universe is there to manifest your goals in the exact manner that you envisioned it. As you become more skilled in manifesting, you will soon be getting more and more of your desired results.

Dear reader, if you haven’t tried manifesting yet, today would be a good day. Take a pen a paper and write away. Make revisions whenever necessary until you are satisfied with what you have put down on paper. As for the regular practioner, we hope this article has given you additional insights on the manifestation process.

All the best, may the universe be with you!


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