How to manifest money

Focus on your goals, remove self-limiting beliefs, and take action to manifest money.

How can you manifest money into your life? Aside from the obvious answer which would be working harder, there are other ways to bring more money your way. If you’re wondering how to manifest money, you should know that the universe is waiting to assist you in bringing this goal into fruition. Struggling and feeling stress is very unnecessary when speaking about manifestation. Unfortunately, certain responsibilities tend to put a pressure on us that can feel very heavy and overwhelming.

While money isn’t everything, it is a tool needed in our society to purchase virtually any and everything. And, without it, we may feel more restricted in doing some of the things we’d really like to do. There’s a misconception that one must work very hard to thrive, succeed, and even make more money. Though hard work does pay off, you can still receive major financial blessings by utilizing the power of your mind and manifestation.

Before realizing the important role the mind played in my reality, I felt especially helpless. There’s something quite empowering in understand just how powerful your thoughts and emotions can be. In this profound realization, you will discover that you are not a victim of your circumstances but the co-creator of your desired reality.

In understanding the following content, you will witness your life begin to transform in a multitude of ways. These major shifts are not simply limited to manifesting more money but also manifesting whatever it is you want in life.

To take the first steps in creating a life of immense wealth and abundance, the following content seeks to explain just how powerful you truly are.

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The Power of the Mind

Much of what we experience in life has a lot to do with the state of mind we’re in. This includes several of the major events we experience as well as the smaller happenings that lead up to them. You can recall the times you rush out of your house to go to school or work. Your mind is in a haze, often racing with a myriad of thoughts. And, in all this mental chaos and clutter, you likely stumble out the door only to realize you’ve forgotten your driver’s license, wallet, or keys.

Much of how we feel derives from the thoughts in our mind and vice versa. Our thoughts and emotions will then influence how we act, the things we do and say. This includes the things we say to ourselves. Notice that when we speak with patience and compassion towards ourselves, we feel less stressed which means we act less impulsive. A stable mind makes sound decisions.

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the belief that everything in the universe carries it’s own vibration. Moreover, each thought and emotion we have has its own energetic signature as well. These signatures correspond to other places, people, and things. In order to manifest money, one would have to shift their thinking and feelings in alignment with the resonance of abundance and prosperity. It is through this process, that we attract what is most impressed on our minds.

Hence, the mind is a very powerful tool which holds the key to one’s demise and also their freedom. Where the mind goes, energy flows. So, be mindful of the atmosphere you facilitate within and the things you choose to focus on. Your mind is like an antenna. Tune it to whatever frequency you’d like to tap into. For example, if your goal is to manifest money, you can simply turn your dial to the ‘money station’. But, before that, you’ll need to make your mind a healthy and effective conduit so that it becomes receptive to manifestation.

De-conditioning from Old Beliefs

Before manifesting anything, you will need to clear your mind of any thoughts and emotions which contradict that of which you aspire to have. For instance, you can not think you are impoverished while trying to manifest money. You must first come off the ‘poverty station’ and attune yourself to a wealthy mindset. Do not be confused. You aren’t faking it until you make it. It is important that you establish and ingrain this belief into your mind. While it may sound like a 2-step process, de-conditioning from old beliefs may take some time and deep self-reflection. However, without this process, manifesting becomes incredibly hard. Negative thoughts and emotions are forms of resistance when it comes to manifesting. To declutter your subconscious mind, you can journal, self-reflect, and perform mindfulness meditation.

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How to Manifest Money

Once you’ve cleared your subconscious mind of all negative thoughts and emotions which inhibit your manifesting abilities, you can now implement a new mindset. It’s essential that you know that you can have whatever it is you desire in life. With a clear destination and the Law of Attraction, you’ll be able to create a life of infinite abundance. Manifesting money will not always appear as cash or a written check. This can come to you in the form of opportunities and relationships. For example, you can meet a new person at the grocery store who has amazing business ideas that can help you improve your business and maximize sales. The idea is to remain open-minded at all times!


Scripting is a powerful activity you can use to bring money or materialistic items into your reality. It is an effective manifestation method that’s been used for several decades. Scripting involves a person writing a “script” for their life. It’s like a diary, filled with events that have yet to occur. Just as you write memories down in a diary, you can create your own memories before they manifest. This helps them to materialize at a faster rate. Instead of writing what you want, you’ll be writing as though you already have it. Write in as much detail as possible, immersing your senses into this process. Put a future date in your journal and write about how that day went. You can write about your dream job you were hired to and the manager. Scripting is writing the story line you’d like to experience in your life.

Money Meditation

Spend your time meditating on money. As you’ve emptied your mind of what no longer serves your goal, you must also fill your mind with what does. Be mindful of what you watch and listen to because the subconscious mind is always receptive. The subconscious mind is like a sponge and the same can be said about our universe. It soaks up whatever it hears or sees. The subconscious mind does not care whether the information is good or bad.

Thus, you should make a conscious effort to immerse yourself into the type of information you want to internalize. Listen to guided meditations surrounding money and prosperity. Repeat money mantras and affirmations during meditation. As you do this, know that the fertile soil of your mind is being watered by the prosperous and abundant waters of these powerful affirmations.

Open Up More Doors

To manifest money, you have to open up the doors. While the Law of Attraction is very real, there is still a basis of probability. When we focus in on what we want, we create a stronger connection and probability of bringing that thing into our reality. However, there is still a need for you to be receptive. The more streams of abundance you create, the more likely you are to manifest an increase of financial abundance. Be courageous enough to try new things and collaborate with others.

Fear and pessimism has a way of closing those doors and significantly counteracts the ability to attain the magnitude of opportunities that could be attracted to you otherwise. The Law of Attraction helps to put the spotlight on you, putting you in the direct line of sight of infinite blessings. However, you must still be confident and optimistic so that you ultimately receive these gifts.

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Remove Blockages

In opening up these doors, removing blockages are also just as essential. Blockages can be people, places, and things. They can even be certain triggers that sabotage your growth and clear vision. Removing blockages might even call for you to distance yourself from loved ones. Yes, it’s true. Friends and family aren’t exempt from being toxic and/or pessimistic. And, as much as you love them, you must love yourself first.

One of the best demonstrations of self-love is setting healthy boundaries. These boundaries will help you to stay focused on your goals without distraction or interception. It can be discouraging when we share our dreams with others because there are some who don’t fully understand us or they may have hidden motives that go against our best interest. Blockages can also be bad habits and patterns that keep you in an unhealthy emotional cycle or thought process. Identify the blockages in your life and make the effort to remove them.

Surround Yourself with Successful People

When we de-condition the mind and empty it of what no longer serves us, we fill the mind with what does. Moreover, when we get rid of people who present as obstacles in our lives, we must also make sure to surround ourselves with people who help improve the quality of our lives. Find some people who are doing better than you.

Conversations with these kinds of people prove to be very beneficial for your growth as you get to see first-hand how they became so successful. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and learn new things. It’s true that we are who we hang out with. And, the more you spend time with successful and prosperous people, this success and prosperity will begin to rub off onto you. This may ask that you take a step out of your comfort zone.


Visualization is an important component in the manifestation and Law of Attraction process. It’s vital not to confuse visualization with daydreaming or fantasizing. When daydreaming, people usually use only their imagination. However, visualization requires that you use all of your senses. For instance, there are those who imagine themselves driving their dream car. With visualization, you can make this idea feel much more real and tangible.

Close your eyes and feel your body sitting in the driver’s seat of your dream car. What do the seats feel like? What does the interior look like? If you want leather seats, try to feel the leather and hear rubbing against your clothes. Use your sense of smell to immerse yourself into the new car smell or a car freshener. Try to feel the steering wheel. In this moment, believe that you are in this car and that it is already in your name. This is an amazing example of what visualization entails and you can do the same with anything you want including money!

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Money Mantras and Affirmations

• I get rich doing what I love.

• Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.

• I am a magnet for money.

• My life is full of prosperity and abundance.

• It feels amazing to have financial flexibility.

• The more I give, the more I receive.

• Money comes my way in both expected and unexpected ways.

• I deserve to be rich.

• My life is filled with health and wealth.

• I have new opportunities and channels to make money.

• I will receive a big amount of money this month.

• I have billion dollar ideas.

• I will make six-figures this year.

• Money loves me.

• Everything I touch is gold.

Burn Bay Leaves

As stated previously, everything has its own vibration. Bay leaves are a common plant used in manifesting money and material items. Bay leaves correspond to prosperity. Some people choose to carry one in their wallet or purse. However, you can also write your wish on a bay leaf and then burn it.

Think of something you really want to manifest. It can be any amount of money or something specific such as a new laptop. While writing your wish on the leaf, visualize yourself having what you’re asking for. Hold onto that feeling as you burn the bay leaf. After burning, release this wish into the universe to manifest.

Gratitude Attitude

To shift from a lack mentality to a fulfilled mindset, gratitude is something to focus on. It can be hard to remain grateful all the time especially when our lives don’t appear to be going as smoothly as we’d hope. However, things can change at any time which is what makes the Law of Attraction so magical.

To stay in an elevated state of mind, focus your attention on what you have instead of what you don’t. Instead of focusing on the negatives in your life, focus your attention on all the amazing aspects of your life. You can do this by creating a gratitude list. Instead of just writing what you are grateful for, also write down why you are grateful. This helps put into perspective just how blessed you really are.

Invest In Yourself

Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself. When you invest in yourself, you are able to function at your full potential. Scared money doesn’t make money. This means that you can’t receive more money if your hands are clenched tightly trying to hold onto what you already have. This doesn’t mean to spend money recklessly. In fact, you should do the opposite. Be wise with your investments.

One of the best investment you can make with your time and resources is the investment in yourself. It takes money to start a new business. It also takes extra money and time to invest in your education. Investing in yourself could be you getting additional certifications for a higher position at work. In investing, you understand that you will receive a return on this investment 10 fold.

Assign Value and Intention to Your Money

Although money is essentially just paper. The value is relative to what it is being exchanged for. Instead of looking at money as just a piece of paper, assign value and intention to your money. Instead of focusing on how much money you need, focus on what the money will do for you in your life. What is it for? Don’t just ask the universe for $20,000. Ask for enough money to start your business, put a sizable down-payment on your dream car, etc. This makes the relationship you have with money a bit more personal. It also allows you to manifest more than what you’re asking for or just the right amount.

The relationship you have with money can be wonderful once you change the way you look at money. Clear your mind of any negative beliefs or misconceptions surrounding wealth. Adopt a new thought process and approach to attracting money. Know that you deserve the abundance that you are asking for and be ready to receive.

Final thoughts

Get ready to receive these new blessings by utilizing the aforementioned techniques for manifesting. These methods will help you to transform your life and come into an abundance of riches!

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