How to make a vision board

Use printed pictures, pictures from magazines, markers, and add them to a poster board where you can see it everyday.

Visualization is a great tool of manifestation of what you want to achieve and see your dreams and plans transform into reality. And when it comes to visualizing your dreams and goals, there can be nothing better than a Vision Board. Vision Boards are said to turn the impossible things to reality. But How does that happen? And most importantly How to make a vision board?

There is no specific process to make a vision board as such. When making your own vision board you can sure use examples and ideas that you have seen working for others. In this piece, we will tell you exactly how you can make an effective vision board that can give you a clear representation of what you are doing and where you can see yourself in the near future. Just remember the basic rule that the vision board that you make should represent your goals, your dreams, and an ideal life.

Let us walk you through more of what it means to make a vision board and how is it going to help you in achieving all goals of your life. Let us begin by knowing a little more about vision board

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What is a Vision Board and Why You Need One?

Simply put, a vision board is something which lets you put your dreams and goals on a board in the form of a collage of pictures, and images that can best represent everything you wish to achieve and become in life. It is a well-known fact that to become successful in life or to achieve something, you need to set your goals first. You will also have to work towards achieving them for sure. But one other thing that you can do to make sure your goals and dreams turn into reality is putting them all on a vision board. When you put your goals and dreams on a board in the form of pictures and images or even in the form of words, gradually you will see them turning into a reality.

It helps a great deal in manifesting what you actually aim for. This process is called manifestation and it actually does work. It is a tried and tested way of bringing all your dreams into a reality. The visual representation of your goals actually stimulates and strengthens your emotions when you see them every day and your emotions in turn translate into all the positive vibrations that activate the laws of attraction in in universe. So, if you have a list of all your dreams ready, you can represent them through visual illustrations in the form of a vision board.

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Vision Board – What all is required and Steps to Follow

To make your own vision board, you will first have to get some materials that can help you get the desired pictures and images. Below is a list of materials that you will probably need to make your vision board:

  • Magazines
  • Poster Board
  • Magazines
  • Scissors
  • Paper and Pen
  • Glue Sticks
  • Permanent Markers
  • Other Images or Texts from Art Work, Old Books, printouts, etc.

Apart from the above you can wish to include something in your own handwriting or printed. So basically it can be anything that you feel goes with your goals.

Once you have the material required you will then need to start preparing the Vision Board. In the next section we have listed all the steps that will help you in creating your own vision board in detail.

Steps to Create Your Vision Board

Creating your own vision board is a DIY thing. So when you are making a vision board of your own you may want to use your own process to make one. Having said that it is always great to have a basic idea or a gist of how to go about making one when you are doing it for the first time. As such to help you through listed below are the various steps to follow when you wish to create your own version of the vision board:

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Step 1: Set Your Goals and Prioritize Them

The first and the basic step is obviously to list down all your goals. You may have long term goals and short term goals. You may have goals related to your health or you may have a goal related to your professional or financial growth. The first thing to do is to list all your goals and then put a timeline and a deadline to all of them. Based on that you need to ensure which ones to be prioritized and placed on the vision board and which ones will come later. The idea is to list the things that you absolutely want to happen in your life in the near and the far future and try and put them on there on the vision board.

Step 2: Create a first outline or structure of your vision board.

Though you may choose to skip this step, but drawing an outline of your vision board is actually going to help you in segregating all your goals and visions. You can divide the board into sections either 4, 6, or,9 depending on what all you wish to accommodate on the board and you can then mark each of these sections with the aspect of life that you want it to denote. For instance, you can divide your board into say six sections and title each one of them as Family, Career, Relationship, Health, Travel Goals, Aspirations, etc. This is the point where you can define what you want to put up on the board.

Step 3: Write your ideas and goals on the poster board.

So once your poster board has those sections drawn with your respective life areas, you can then write down your ideas and goals in the respective sections with a marker pen. This is anyway going to be covered over later own with all the images that you are going to be pasting. But this gives you like an idea of what you want in those sections which may change by the time you cover them up with pictures and images. Doing this activity is going to help you find the right images for the goals you have listed and if you chose not to paste a picture of something at the last minute it will still be not visible.

Step 4: Find suitable images, pictures, and words to go with the goals.

So, the next obvious reason is to find the right images and pictures that correspond to your respective goals. Try to find pictures and imaging that is as vivid as possible as it is this imaging that is going to ultimately do the magic for you. When choosing the words, try selecting power words that really push you to achieve your goals. You can get these images from magazines that you can find easily from free stack section or you can simply google images that best suit your needs. Remember choosing the right imaging and words is the key to making a Vision Board’. It is actually about the visual impact on your subconscious mind after all. So, make sure you do this part well.

Step 5: Sort and Arrange the words and images as per your goals.

Once you have selected your images you can now start making paper cuttings and arranging and sorting all your images along with the words placed on the respective sections. This activity is to just ensure that you have all the right images in the respective sections and you have all the quotes and words that you need at one place for all the life areas or sections you have created. Some of the cuttings will go on the board, some will go back to the pile for a future version of the board while some will be recycled.

Step 6: Edit and Create the Vision Board.

In this step you can now go through all the images you have selected and check their placement on the board. You can trim them a bit more to fit properly on the board or narrow the wordings slightly. Make sure that you have everything you need in there in a neat and visually appealing manner. It is important to maintain the visual appeal of our board and make sure you are editing the paper clippings on the board in such a way that no word or quote is covering a picture and vice versa. For both your power words and your pictures are the soul of your Vision Board.

Step 7: Paste all the images to the Vision Board.

Now comes the time to finally start pasting everything you have sorted. To ensure you have no whites peeping from behind the pictures, you can add a layer of some color that you feel you would go with the overall theme of the board. Once done, you can start pasting your images and words to the respective sections or life areas. You can use a paper glue to do the task as any other strong adhesive or taping may just spoil the images. Make sure that you are not overdoing the glue as it may tear the images and when dried may even spoil the images.

Step 8: Add your own handwritten words, quotes, or doodles.

One might think why to add handwritten words, quotes or doodles when you initially covered it. Well, at this point when your Vision Board is almost finished, you can choose to add some words or quotes that you always believed in. You can use a paper to write it and paste it randomly. You can also choose to paste a doodle or a sketch that you have recently made. All these things just resonate your innate self and what you truly are and will help you in self realizing your own strengths in those difficult days when you feel low.

Step 9: Put it up for display.

This is the final step to making your own vision board. Well, obviously you will put your vision board up for display. But the idea behind including this one as one of the steps is to ensure that you put it up for display at the right place. You need to put it at a place where you will be seeing it daily or where you will be spending long hours. The best place to put it up is in your home office wall. If you do not have a home office, you can put it at a place where you can see it daily. Creating your vision board is as important as putting it up for display. So make sure it is put up for display and at the right place. You can also choose to share it with your friends and peers so that they can just have an idea of your intellect and the kind of goal oriented person you are.

Step 10: Review Your Vision Board

This is perhaps the most important step that you will have to repeat everyday once your Vision Board is up for display. Make sure you find some time to pause and review the pictures, your goals and the messages on there at least once daily. Look at those images and imagine yourself in that place or position already. If your goal was to join some company, imagine yourself being in that company already. If your goal was to travel the world, imagine yourself going to all those dream destinations. Your looking and reviewing those images and imagining yourself achieving these goals would make you work hard to achieve them. And that is where the magic of manifestation begins.

What did We Learn?

So in the above section we covered all the steps covering the creation of a Vision Board in detail that are listed as below:

Step 1: Set your Goals and Prioritize them.

Step 2: Create a first outline or structure of your vision board.

Step 3: Write your ideas and goals on the poster board.

Step 4: Find suitable images, pictures, and words to go with the goals.

Step 5: Sort and Arrange the words and images as per your goals.

Step 6: Edit and Create the Vision Board.

Step 7: Paste all the images along with the goals.

Step 8: Add your own handwritten words, quotes, or doodles.

Step 9: Put it up for display.

Step 10: Review Your Vision Board Regularly Explain any nuance or detail.

In Summary

So to summarize – we have discussed that to achieve your goals in life, the first and the foremost thing to do is to list and prioritize your goals. But simply listing the goals is not going to be of any help. Along with all the tireless hard work that you may have to do to achieve all your goals, you will also need to start visualizing your goals. Our brain works best when it is fed with visuals. And that where the visual boards come into picture. The idea of the visual boards is to associate every goal with a visually appealing and brain stimulating picture. These visuals have the ability to create strong emotions to do all that is required to achieve those goals. And these strong emotions filled with your desire to achieve those goals attract everything you want. This is called manifestation using the law of attraction. And Visual Boards are a tried and tested way of attracting and achieving everything you ever wanted or dreamt of.

We discussed in great detail how you can go about creating your own visual board. Since there is no set process or hard and fast rule to do the same you can create one the way you like. The basic thumb rule behind creating a visual board is the fact that that the pictures you select should be vivid and visually appealing. Different people have different approaches of making their visual board. We discussed how you can divide your poster board into sections representing your life area and based on your respective life area you can list goals, select images, and then paste the images and words in the respective life are or section of the board.

Last but not the least, we discussed how it is important to ensure that the vision board is put up for display at the right place. Not only is the placement of the vision board so important, it is also equally important to review and have a look at the vision board every day for the law of attraction and manifestation to work.

Final Thoughts

You might have made endless lists of your goals and things that you wanted in life which never really materialized. Now is the time to visualize those goals. Put all those dreams and goals of yours on a Vision Board today and watch things change for good. Organize your thought process, the things you want in life in the form of pictures on a Vision Board and work hard towards achieving those goals. Your hard work, coupled with the process of manifestation using the law of attraction can completely turn around your life. So, what are you waiting for?

Use this powerful visual tool today and watch your goals and dreams turn into reality. Start making your own Vision Board Today!

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