How to find your purpose

You remove blocks and look at things you have a natural talent for doing.

How do you find your purpose?

You remove blocks and look at things you have a natural talent for doing.

We’ve researched papers and spoke with experts to find the best ways to find your purpose in life. We also found out having a purpose comes with some surprising health benefits. We compiled this list using proven methods that many successful people have used to find their purpose.

We will discuss why you need a purpose in life, how to remove blocks, and finally we will present you with a list of ways to find your purpose.

finding your purpose

Why do you need a purpose

Having a purpose gives you a more substantial reason for living your life. It gives you a reason to get out of bed every morning.

This has been shown to help people live longer. It helps your immune system by lowering your stress levels. Having a deeper purpose in life makes less important problems almost obsolete. It’ll also give you more determination to deal with bigger issues because you know exactly where you want to go. 

If you have a purpose for living, you’ll most likely achieve that purpose. If you live for nothing, you’ll become nothing.

Remove blocks first

You may have self-limiting beliefs that are making it difficult to find your purpose in life. We typically take on the beliefs of our parents without knowing it. So, we don’t believe we can achieve much in life because our parents didn’t achieve much. Or even worse, our parents conditioned us to not set big goals in life. Instead they conditioned us to conform and live a mediocre life.

These are known as self-limiting beliefs. You must remove these limits from your mind in order to find your purpose. You can use various techniques like affirmations, meditation, journaling, and more to remove these self-limiting beliefs.

You also must stop comparing yourself to others. Social media makes this more difficult because we frequently see other people living these seemingly great lives. However, they don’t post the reality of their life, only the best parts make it to your feed. Even still, don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Everyone has their own journey and you can only walk your own path.

Along those same lines, don’t look for external validation from others. Again, social media provides this validation from likes and comments. But, you should not rely on that to feel good about yourself and what you want to do. Finding your purpose requires you to focus intensely on what you enjoy doing and ultimately want to accomplish.

benefits of finding purpose

Ways to find your purpose

Here we will discuss some ways to help you find your purpose in life. You may find your purpose using only a few of these methods. Also, it could take using all of the techniques listed to find your purpose in life. Don’t rush through this process. Remember, you must walk your own path to find your purpose. Let’s get into the list.

Donate and Volunteer

Serving others is one of the most basic ways to feel a sense of purpose. Helping others will make you feel good and point you toward your purpose. What ways to enjoy volunteering your time?

This also gives you different ways of expressing yourself. Expressing your talent in different ways that can help people is a great way to find your purpose. Money is another way to find your purpose. What organizations do you support with money or time? This is a great place to look for your purpose.

What do your people say

Has anyone close to you ever said something like, “You’re a natural when it comes to working on those computers!” Maybe something like, “You have a gift for photography.” 

If you’ve frequently heard phrases like this, in relation to a certain skill you posses, this could be your purpose! This means other people recognize your talent for a specific ability. Listening to the feedback you get from people in your life could be your best path to finding your purpose.

Stay with positive people

Hanging around positive people allows you to draw from their inspiration when finding your purpose. Seeing them living their purpose will allow you to develop your own momentum.

Once you become more positive and inspired, you will start to attract more of what you enjoy. That attraction will draw you closer to your ultimate purpose in life!

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Meet new people

New people introduce you to other worlds outside or your own. Sometimes we get wrapped up in our own worlds, but meeting new people introduces new perspectives, new beliefs, new possibilities. 

These new people will also help you discover new activities and hobbies you’ve never tried. Possibly even new things you’ve never heard of. 

You may not even be aware of your purpose because you haven’t tried enough things. These new people will help you with that.

What do you say

What is something you like to talk about? That one thing you could talk about for hours could be your purpose in life. 

You may even have some specialized knowledge about a specific topic. That makes you a subject-matter expert. You can find a subject-matter expert in every industry. Anything you can think of, has experts.


Like meeting new people, reading books introduces you to other people’s knowledge and experiences. This new knowledge can uncover your purpose.

Another way reading can help you find your purpose is by looking at your book interests. What type of books do you like to read? Fiction or nonfiction? Self-development, dragons, romance, any of these can be your purpose. You like reading about dragons? Maybe you should be a writer.

Heal yourself

If you’ve been through some type of trauma, that could be your purpose. You can heal yourself by telling your story. 

Telling this story can also help others who are in a similar situation. This can be a difficult one because you have to be in a good place mentally and emotionally to make this your purpose.

What makes you angry

If you could change something about the world, what would it be? This could be your purpose. Many people have found their purpose by fighting an injustice in the world.

It could be an issue where you have a personal connection or something you feel very passionate about. 

What do you like

What are you most interested in? What are some of your best memories? What is something you do that makes you forget about the time?

That activity you do that makes you lose track of time could be your purpose. If you frequently do something, then realize it’s 2am. You should look into that hobby.

purpose finding tips

Create a life purpose statement

What would life be like if everything were perfect? Maybe you’d wake up whenever you wanted, work on your skill, then play video games for the rest of the day. Put together those high-level things you would enjoy doing everyday.

Turn that perfect day into a powerful statement. You can also write it in the present tense for more success.

Read this statement everyday when you wake up and before you go to bed. This will keep you focused on your life purpose daily. 

Final thoughts

Take the above steps to find your purpose in life. This deeper meaning will give you something to get out of bed for every morning and lower your stress levels. Take advantage of all the benefits having a purpose can give you.

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