Grabovoi Codes List to Manifest Everything that You Want

Grabovoi codes are ancient universal codes that can be used to manifest anything you want.


In the world of manifestation, numbers play a huge role. Many even believe that the universe communicates in numbers. So when trying to manifest your dreams, why aren’t you using numbers? Have you heard about the Grabovoi codes? Grabovoi codes are combinations of numbers that are believed to manifest anything you want based on the frequency of a specific code.

Have you been trying to manifest something but feel like nothing is working? Then I want to help you because manifesting the life of your dreams is possible. However, with some much noise around you, it can be hard to get your intentions heard. And I want to help you.

So if you are ready to start attracting the life that you have always wanted, then stick around. Because I’m about to share with you one of the best techniques of manifestation.

Here’s what I’m about to share with you:

Grabovoi Codes List; Everything You Need to Know

Even though Grabovoi codes have been known for a long time, there is still some controversy around this topic. So here I will share with you everything you need to know about the Grabovoi numbers as well as share with you a Grabovoi Codes list with some very powerful sets of numbers.

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What are Grabovoi Codes?

In order to know what are Grabovoi codes, we need to understand why they were created. We know that Grabovoi numbers are combinations of numbers that are used to manifest the things that you want using one of the Grabovoi codes in a certain frequency. But how were those combinations created? Who started the Grabovoi codes list that we use in our manifestations?

Grabovoi codes actually were created by a Russian mathematician, psychic, and spiritualist Grigori Grabovoi, hence the name Grabovoi codes. Grigori Grabovoi developed those numerical codes while using his Radionic machine to heal certain health problems.

A radionics machine is an electrical machine that can measure, transmit or disperse “eloptic energy,” a kind of radiation that sends healing energy. And can be used to relieve pain and heal certain conditions such as flu for example. But the Radionic machine has also been used to support manifestation as it increases your vibrations and positive energy.

The radionic machine was built back in 1949 and was based on the theory that everything in life is connected through energy. The radionic theory also carries that everything and anything vibrates in different frequencies, which can be represented by a combination of numbers.

This type of energy is known as the “radionic signature.” Grabovoi concluded that the energy of anything could be modified by stimulating those codes. Basically, Grabovoi believed that you had the power to control, the energy around you and realign it with a new purpose, you can create the reality that you are wishing for, as well as heal your body naturally. Which is a very similar concept to what we know as the law of manifestation.

Do Grabovoi Codes Work?

Just like manifestation works. Grabovoi codes work too, as both rely on which type of energy and intention we create. Grabovoi codes are just numbers, yes, what makes them different is how you arrange and prioritize your thoughts, feelings, goals, and daily habits. But when we use those codes to empower our manifestation, we then begin to hold ourselves accountable, which will be very beneficial when trying to turn your manifestation a reality.

As we know by now, everything in life is made of energy and we have the power to change which type of energy we send out, and of course, attract.

The Grabovoi codes are simply a different way to manifest. An additional tool that can be added to your manifestation ritual, and one that can open many doors, that so far you have been unable to unlock. But how do you exactly use the Grabovoi to manifest the life of your dreams?

How does Manifestation work?

We manifest the majority of things in our lives, without even realizing it. When you place a lot of belief in one thought, you are already manifesting it. And even though manifestation is more than just thinking about something that you want over and over again. The concept of manifesting something is directly connected with the law of attraction, which is the concept of being capable to draw into our lives our dreams by focusing on our intentions to obtain them. Our minds held help us to envision what we want and bring them into reality.

Manifestation essentially operates just like the theory of Karma. Which works by influencing our future with the actions that we take today. When it comes to manifestation, positive thoughts as well as visualizing what we want will help you to materialize those desires into reality.

While the law of attraction is believed to attract something, Manifestation is believed to be a way to create something, by giving life and creating space for some things that do not exist, just yet. The Grabovoi codes can strengthen your manifestations by increasing and directing energy so you can speed up what you are trying to bring in your life. However, how exactly can we use the Grabovoi codes to manifest our dream life?

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How to Use Grabovoi Codes to Manifest

Okay so now that you know what Grabovoi codes are and how they came into existence, it’s now time to know how to make them work for you. The technique of using those codes is pretty simple. Below I’m sharing with you, step by step on how to use the Grabovoi codes list below to manifest the things that you need.

Choose what you want to manifest

The first step for any type of manifestation is to know what you want. And even though you can dream about anything, you should also keep in mind that you need to keep your manifestations realistic. Can you visualize it? Then there’s a huge chance that you can bring it to life. One trick that I like to use on my manifestations is to close my eyes, visualize it, feel it, and even smell the air around it, absorb anything that I can. So once you know what you want, then it’s time to follow with the next step.

Pick the Grabovoi code that fits with what you want to manifest

After you know what you want is then time to find the right Grabovoi code that suits better your manifestation. If you have more than one manifestation then you should pick different Grabovoi codes. So once you have your numbers, you are ready to follow with the next step.

Activate your Grabovoi code

Now that you know what you want and the right Grabovoi code or codes, its now time to set your manifestation into motion. Manifestation works by putting your focus into what you want and centering your energy around what you want. Manifesting with Grabovoi codes is no different. Doing your manifestations with the help of the Grabovoi codes means that you will need to activate your number. And while there are a few ways to do this, but the most efficient way is by writing down your numbers and using them as an anchor for your manifestation. Below there’s an easy guide on how to activate and manifest with the help of your Grabovoi numbers:

You can use as many Grabovoi codes as you would like, however, I would suggest focusing on one at a time, especially if you don’t have much experience with manifesting using the Grabovoi codes. Although particular combinations can work amazingly well. So take your time to experiment with your codes and see what works the best for you.

  • Get Yourself a Manifestation Journal

Writing your numbers down is a powerful way to bring your manifestations alive. There’s something about writing things down that helps your mind to concentrate and focus much better. You can write down your manifestations under your Grabovoi codes and look at them every morning or night.


  • Memorize Your Grabovoi Codes & Repeat Them

Repeating our manifestations can help us to get the things that we want faster. That’s because we are centering our intentions into a specific thing. More energy, the faster you can see it coming true. The same thing applies when you are manifesting with Grabovoi codes. So memorizing them or writing them down on paper and placing it somewhere where you will see them more times a day, will help you to keep your manifestation with a higher focus.

  • Use Affirmations with Your Grabovoi Codes

Adding an affirmation along with your Grabovoi code can help you to manifest what you want. Affirmations can strengthen your manifestation and create a powerful formula when used with your Grabovoi codes. For example, if you are manifesting more money, you can use the affirmation “Money is coming to me from both expected and unexpected sources” and visualize the Grabovoi code 520 741 8, which is the code for manifesting unexpected money.

  • Use Crystals

Crystal is also another powerful way to manifest what you want in your life. Crystal is a source of energy and can help to increase our energy and attract what we want into our reality. If you would like to use crystal when using the Grabovoi codes, you can write your code on a piece of paper and place your crystal on top of it. When you hold your crystal after, you can visualize your code. Another powerful way to make the most of Grabovoi codes and crystal is to write your code, under your crystal and leave it to recharge during a new moon to increase its power even more.

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Grabovoi Codes List

Now that you know how to use the Grabovoi Codes, you just need to find the right code, or codes for your manifestation. Here are the Grabovoi codes for your manifestations.

Grabovoi Codes List for Money and Career

Grabovoi Healing Codes for Unexpected Money: 520 741 8

Grabovoi For Steady Income and Business Success: 9213140

Grabovoi for Entrepreneurship: 71974131981

Grabovoi for Money Confidence: 87467894

Grabovoi Codes For Lots of Money: 318 612 518 714

Grabovoi Codes For Money knowledge: 964986583

Grabovoi Codes for Dream Job: 493151 864 1491

Grabovoi Codes for Fame: 8277247

Grabovoi Codes for Unemployment: 318514517618;

Grabovoi Codes for Money: 9649130

Grabovoi Codes for Money: 5294361

Grabovoi Codes for Business stability: 212309909

Grabovoi Codes List for Love

Grabovoi Codes for Love: 888 412 1289018

Grabovoi Codes for Romantic Love: 3856794

Grabovoi Codes For Manifesting True Love: 888 412 1289018

Grabovoi Codes To Attract A Partner: 197 023

Grabovoi Codes For Eternal love: 888 912 818848

Grabovoi Codes To Manifest Your Ex Back: 89974476 or 18080818

Grabovoi Codes For Bringing Your Lover Back: 3856794

Grabovoi Code For Manifesting Romance: 401543512

Grabovoi Codes List for Physical Appearance & Well-Being

Grabovoi Code for Self-healing of the body: 9187948181

Grabovoi Code for Weight loss and health: 1891014

Grabovoi Code for Weight Loss: 5342168

Grabovoi Code For Beauty & physical attraction: 83585179

Grabovoi Code For Good health: 80845700

Grabovoi Code For Healing of the body: 9187948181

Grabovoi Code for Depression: 519 514 319891

Grabovoi Code for Restoring Health: 8888488888

Grabovoi Code for Self Esteem: 4818951749814

Grabovoi Code For Self-love: 396815

Grabovoi Codes List to Heal Addiction

Grabovoi Code for Fight against alcoholism: 14843292

Grabovoi Code for Chemical dependency: 5333353

Grabovoi Code for Nicotine addiction: 1414551

Grabovoi Codes List to Heal Diseases

Grabovoi Codes for Memory improvement: 5983240

Grabovoi Codes for Restoring health: 8888488888

Grabovoi Codes for Life-threatening Conditions: 1258912

Grabovoi Codes for Melanoma: 5674321

Grabovoi Codes for Tumors of the Brain: 5431547

Grabovoi Codes for Stomach Cancer: 8912534

Grabovoi Codes for Skin Cancer: 8148957

Grabovoi Codes for Breast cancer: 5432189

Grabovoi Codes for Bladder Cancer: 89123459

Grabovoi Codes for Thyroid Gland Cancer: 5814542

Grabovoi Codes for Ovarian Cancer: 4851923

Grabovoi Codes for Aneurysm of Heart: 9187549

Grabovoi Codes for Arrhythmias of Heart: 8543210

Grabovoi Codes List to Education Success:

Grabovoi Code for Success in Life: 706485425

Grabovoi Codes for Academic Success: 960745288

Grabovoi Codes for Good Grades: 89941503

Grabovoi Code for Success in Education: 26151979

More Grabovoi Codes

Grabovoi Code for Peace: 1001105010

Grabovoi Code for Understanding: 39119488061

Grabovoi Code For Canceling negativity: 4748132148

Grabovoi Code For Manifesting Your Ideal future: 813791

Grabovoi Code for Rejuvenate: 2145432;

Grabovoi Code for Protection: 9187756981818

Grabovoi Code for Universal harmonization – 14854232190;

Grabovoi Code for Environmental sustainability: 97318541218

Grabovoi Code for Determination: 498518498

Grabovoi Code for Determination and focus for learning: 212585212;

Grabovoi Code for Understanding: 39119488061

Grabovoi Code for Connect with the Creator: 12370744

Grabovoi Codes for fertility: 3226360

Grabovoi Codes for Resolution of problems:.25122004

Reasons Why Your Grabovoi Codes Are NOT Working For You

If you have been trying to manifest by using Grabovoi codes and you haven’t seen any results yet, it could be because your manifestation is on the way or maybe you are doing something to block your manifestations. Here are the most common ways that could be stopping you from bringing your manifestations to life.

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Your Desire is Not Clearly Defined

If you are trying to manifest, but you are being too broad, it’s possible that your manifestations are not happening because you are not focusing on one thing specifically. It’s important to be very specific when manifesting. If you are having trouble being specific with what you want, journaling can help you to have a clearer mind and refocus your wishes. Also visualizing can help you to be more specific.

You are Manifesting Big Things Too Fast

Even though there are no limits to what manifestation can do for your life, it’s important to emphasize that manifesting huge dreams can take time, and sometimes it’s harder to achieve. One thing that can help you is to break your big goal into smaller goals and manifest them one by one. This can be a great way to increase your manifestations as well as creating room for bigger things at the right time.

Self-Sabotaging Beliefs Can Be Blocking You

Self-doubt is one of the biggest obstacles when you are trying to manifest the things that you want. Doubt creates negative energy which will be preventing you to center the right type of energy on the things that you want. It’s wise to work with those issues before trying to manifest them. Self-love is one of the most valuable skills that you should master. There are Grabovoi codes that can help you to manifest self-love. So addressing insecurities, or doubts can remove any blocks that are standing between you and your manifestations.

Your Actions Are Holding You Back

When we manifest, it’s wrong to think that we can just sit and relax. Manifestation can help you to bring the thing that you want into reality, but still, you need to do a little work backstage. You must make room for the things that you have been manifesting. Be open to new opportunities and take action. A lot of the things that we manifest come in our lives in unexper=ected ways, so be open-minded and do the work while manifesting to open more doors and bring your manifestations to life faster.

Are Grabovoi Codes Safe?

Grabovoi codes are sequence numbers that represent no harm. Even though there are claims that Grabovoi codes are dangerous, there’s no truth in it. Just like the law of attraction, and manifestation, the Grabavoi codes are just another way to help you to focus on the things that you want.

The only thing that can be linked with a negative side of manifestation, is when you use negative thoughts or intentions when trying to manifest. Negative thoughts will attract negative results. We are the ones who create that reality, this fortifies the belief that we can create our own reality, meaning that we can manifest what we want, if only we use the right intentions. A little like Karma, if you try to manifest something by using negative energy, you will be attracting less good things, but if you use positive energy, you will be more likely to attract all the good things that you want.

The Grabovoi codes are sequence numbers that are associated with different types of energy, and they can only help you to focus, and center your manifestations. They don’t open any evil portal or attract harm into your life.

Final thoughts

Grabovoi codes are one way to bring your manifestations to life. Their sequence is linked to different types of energy that can be raised to help you to bring your wishes into life. Just like any other way to manifest, the Grabovoi codes can help help you to focus better, organize your thoughts and center your energy into creating the space for your manifestations to turn into reality.

Try for yourself, go through the Grabovoi codes list mentioned above, and use them to manifest everything that you have been dreaming about, there’s no better time than today. If you like to know more about manifestation, then make sure to check my other blog posts.

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