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Hey there, thanks for visiting my website and great you clicked on “About Me” to get to know me a little bit more. So without further ado, let me share some bits of my journey with you.

My name is Steven Billeb, born in 92 in a small country-town in eastern germany.
I am a firm believer in the power of the Law of Attraction, let me share my fascinating journey with you and how it has transformed my life.

It all began in 2012, I just turned 20 but somehow knew there must be something greater in life than working 9-5. I gratuated as  VW mechanic and did part time as a firefighter at my hometowns station.

I was hungry for a adventure, so I sold my moped and the car and had 600€ left in my hands when I embarked on an work and travel adventure to Australia. At that time, I was low on funds as I didnt wanted any support from family, it was more about challenge I needed.
 Little did I know that this journey would lead me to the life-changing concept of the Law of Attraction.

Do what you can't!

In school we get taught we need to study and work hard in a job to have a good life. You can not just leave with a backpack and travel somewhere, you need to think about your future. No one will hire you with gaps in a resume…

After the first few month travelling alone and exploring myself and the options you have as an open minded individual, I knew that a life back in germany wasn’t an option anymore. Well lets say it became kinda stressful, your family and friends keep telling you that you are getting older and you need to settle down, have a family. I had a few hard times in the past, almost feeling depressed, being not sure on deciding what next?
Should I listen to everyone and do the “smart” thing?
Or should I continue doing what makes me feel alive the most? Exploring new places, meeting new people and listen to their stories. And the best thing, smelling landscapes…..Hold on, that sounds weird right? I mean I just love the smell of beaches, the Outback, the weird almost awful smell of a chinese meat-market.
Bangkok smells like a wet cat, New York smells like a movie you know and Canada just smells like the memories I have running around in the forest back in my hometown.
You might wonder where the money comes from to do all that. 
I always know that I can earn money anywhere, I had countless great jobs in the countries I visited. I worked on farms, fixed galvanization machines in China, drove trucks in the Outback and build coffins at a wood-shed which was weird tbh.

I feel like the whole World is my home! I can not be locked in at one location.

Travelling was easier back then

Towards the end of 2017 I went to Thailand the first time, what an interesting country it was. I have to admit I didn’t really like it in the beginning, too hot and Bangkok was madness. But I stuck around for a little, great place to safe some money and take a break.

But then, the money will run out at some point, luckily I don’t drink or smoke, so I can get quiet far with a budget.
Sure it’s time to leave, but what can we do? Going back to Australia doing my beloved farmwork? Sure lets Go!

But somehow God had other plans for me, Australia suffered a severe drought that year, so farms operated on a minimum just keeping livestock alive.

So I started wondering and dreaming about being able to earn money online, so I could be location-independent. That would be awesome I thought.
I somehow stumbled across the topic of manifestation and The Law of Attraction which fascinated me. I always had a open mind anyway.
Intrigued, I dived into the subject, eager to understand and applying the principles in my own life.

I started implementing the teachings of the Law of Attraction. Astonishingly, I began to witness tangible results. Opportunities to earn money online manifested themselves, and I saw my financial situation improve significantly. Especially when the world changed in 2019 I maintained all my standards, didn’t had to quit and go back home. I stayed in Thailand and was able to save and earn even more. 

As I continued to practice and refine my understanding of the Law of Attraction, my success with manifestations grew exponentially. I realized that this powerful concept could be applied to every aspect of my life. I began attracting not only financial abundance but also love, health, and overall happiness.

Fast forward to today, and I am living the life of my dreams. I have everything I ever wanted and more. The Law of Attraction has become an integral part of my daily routine, guiding my thoughts, actions, and beliefs. 

Now I want to focus on sharing my knowledge to other people who want to live a life they desire.

Therefore I completed my coaching certification with the breathtaking course of Terez Hartmann and Natalie Rivera

Certified law of attraction life coach

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