About Manifest Angel

Manifest Angel was created by people who were frustrated with their lives and wanted to attract more of their desires using the laws of the universe.

Welcome! My name is Calvin Carter and I started successfully applying the law of attraction to my life 7 years ago without even knowing it.

I didn’t enjoy my job at the time and one day I just made it up in my mind, “I’m going to move out of here and get a better job, no matter what!”

Exactly 2 months later I relocated to a major city to start a cool new job, with a great salary.

Around that time I read, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill. After that, I became hooked on law of attraction content because I knew from personal experience it worked.

What I didn’t like was all the fluffy content recommending people just sit around all day and think about their dreams for them to happen. Or even worse, people looking to manfiest very significant physical alterations. I mean a six-pack is one thing, but a smaller nose? Haha, I think your nose is fine.

One of the most significant things people omit when they speak about law of attraction and manifestation is taking consistent action toward the desired goals.

I was looking for a way to more consistently manifest my desires without so much of the fake guru content.

So I completed my Law of Attraction Life Coach Certification.

That education combined with my experience in building editorial teams has allowed us to provide you with only the best quality content when it comes to manifesting the life you desire.

I’m happy to walk with you through this journey and know that when you come out on the other side, you won’t question the limits of reality ever again.

We are gods because we can create anything we imagine.

To your dreams,

Calvin Carter

Founder of Manifest Angel